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~ William James ~

The Way To Happiness

July 9th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 11 secs

Is the pursuit of happiness really worth it?

Is the pursuit of happiness really worth it?

How do you get to happiness? Take the next left, keep going, then turn right and cross the bridge. That’s silly, isn’t it? But the way some people make it, the pathway to a satisfying life is a straightforward formula.

Reaching Happiness is, in a sense, not that difficult to explain. But like anything precious it takes effort, time, and a heart for good. Whereas, expressions of selfishness and disregard won’t do it.

Finding the way to happiness takes awareness, compassion and host of other qualities. It takes asking the question, “What can I do with my life to contribute? What is my thing that reveals the best in me? And, if I don’t know what that is, how do I find out?”

These are the themes that I talk about in my book, “Happy”. While I’m sure it is an uplifting read, it’s your follow through that will take you on to greater heights. Not that it’s particularly hard. In fact, for any genuine, regular person, it’s doable.

As it is, the way to happiness is paved with confusion and disappointment. Why? Because most people don’t know how to get there themselves. It’s close yet paradoxically difficult to reach (if that’s all you want to do) because self-interest prevents people from reaching it.

Qualities of character are the missing ingredients. These and the realization that you have exceptional strengths, let you do a huge amount of good with your life, regardless of what you posses or where you are born. From a happiness perspective, all the conventional assets we possess are irrelevant.

Like I said, finding happiness is a paradox. The outright pursuit of happiness is a blind alley, while a life given to characteristics like kindness, fortitude, wisdom, and creativity will bring more happiness than one person can completely contain. Strange, isn’t it?

Take all those “10 Easy Steps To Happiness” tips with a grain of salt. I’ve written posts about that sort of thing here too because it appeals to people. But, really, it’s surface treatment. Like saying dancing is a timed combination of footsteps, and playing the guitar is moving your fingers across the strings.

I am passionate about helping people find their own brand of happiness because it’s my thing. That’s why I’ve been researching this theme for years and post around the subject daily. Not that I’m anyone special. I’m just certain of what I’ve come to learn.

The way to happiness, I believe, is something everybody needs to know and practice as they prefer. Being the shy type that I am, living near the bottom of the Earth, I don’t want any attention on me. But I do want to share the contentment that finding happiness brings.  So I’m going to keep on this crucial theme. Because you and everyone else who wants to live well deserve a happy life (not just for you but to share with those that you love too).

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