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The Happiness Sham

January 20th, 2014 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 41 secs

Thamks to Happy Shave your life has meaning...

Thamks to Happy Shave your life has meaning…

“Did you know each cup is filled with love?” And, “Our trendy accessories are guaranteed to make you blissfully happy” “… while you dream of a supreme lifestyle of pleasurable living in our exclusive luxury estate”. What a load of baloney!

You can barely step out of your door these days without being bombarded by so much drivel and codswollop. It’s everywhere. Anything is said to sell you a whole lot of ordinary products (even if it means removing all vestiges of truth).

It seems innocent enough because we are so used to it. When an ad declares, “You can forget about your cares as you relax in the supreme knowledge that your smalls are being softened and washed by Skweeky Kleen Knicker-Wosh because the we love every dirty sock you can throw at us”, it’s in one ear and out the other. Sort of.

Trouble is, the continual and deceptive use of precious terms like:

  • “Love”
  • “Caring”
  • “Tenderness” and
  • “Happiness”

… is diluting them. By mixing them up into a sickening syrup of lies and over the top promises people quickly learn to be very cynical.

Shame that locations can copyright the use of their time-honored products (Champagne anyone?), while these most potent and many-layered terms are dragged through the mercenary mud. No wonder kids get confused. When they see, for example, how love is portrayed, it’s likely they won’t know what it means. And, it’s likely, their understanding will be muddled through the process.

By allowing this maceration of our language to happen many are left confused and uncertain. That might seem like an excessive statement. But meaning is everything. When essential significance is watered down into something we can no longer believe in, we lose contact with what is precious and delicate, yet powerfully compelling.

So see this theft of meaning for what it is. A cheap attempt to get your attention by implying that buying stuff makes you truly happy.

For all its potential fun and possible pleasure, consuming has a short shelf life. You and I know that. Just as we know that lasting happiness never did come from a jar, regardless what snake oil salesman say.

When it comes to happiness, shams are many and the confused are numerous. Because the temptation of imitations is often just too hard for folk to resist.

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