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The Great Happy Days Fraud

March 11th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 52 secs

Actually there’s a more important happy days fraud than the TV show drama

Never mind the TV sitcom “Happy Days”, the great happy days fraud is about you and your life.

You might be wondering, “What do you mean? What happy days fraud are you talking about?” Well, we live in a world of packaged illusions, stereotypes, and clichés, which say if you want you days to be filled with happiness, you need to live in the right place, have the right face, and (most importantly of all) have oodles of money.

According to this happy days fraud, you can’t be anyone unless you are “someone” (which is code for famous, and widely praised for your talents and achievements). To have anything less suggests you aren’t anyone special, and worse, your happiness must be in question.

But this absolute rubbish! It’s so ridiculous, it outrageous. You are valid, important, and vital regardless how many others know it or not. The great happy days fraud that you must be this or that is a mean lie. You are someone of enormous potential, and above all, I believe you deserve to know happiness.

Why do you deserve to be happy? Well, happiness is not a luxury only for the rich and remarkably attractive. If you live your life purposefully and with character, happiness finds you through all the things you do.

Despite the tripe implied through all the happy days fraud of our times, happiness is in your hands. Sure, bad things will happen and disappointments are many. But that doesn’t stop us from finding how to make a beautiful contribution to life.

Your input, unique and potent, will always matter. Even if you are poor as a church mouse or barely gifted with attractive looks, it’s not a worry. What counts infinitely more is what you decide to do with your life. Is it outwardly focused with kindness, charity, and respect? Or, do we live for the most part only to “get”?

Ignore all the happy days fraud flimflam. It can’t and won’t make you happy. At worst it’s a trick and at best a delusion. Yet, either way, it cannot increase your capacity for happiness. For that, you must strike out on your own path (and if you want to know more about that, that’s exactly what my book is about). In the meantime, explore more of these posts and give some thought to how happy your days are right now. If you believe, like I do, that you deserve more happiness in your daily life, then it’s time to find out how you can make that happen.

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