A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.

~ Thomas Carlyle ~

The Conversational Geisha

November 4th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 45 secs

What is the art of the geisha?

Say “Geisha” and people express a mix of impressions. But the time-honored tradition of educated women as artisans in dancing, music, and conversation is revered and respected by Japanese society.

I believe we can all learn a tremendous amount from the intelligence of the Geisha. Whatever your gender makes no difference because everyone appreciates being well received and put at ease. The ability to welcome warmly has dramatic effect.

When the person we love comes home, or meets up with us somewhere, the art of the Geisha to receive has relevance. In my book, I refer to this through the German term “Gemuetlichkeit” which is paralleled in many nations as the cosy reassurance of being comfortably received.

To become a conversational Geisha for your mate, or indeed for anyone you care about, requires a kind of mastery over your mind. To belay the stream of consciousness in your head that has you distractedly talking about your kids amidst an intimate moment. Or, randomly drift off to discuss your shopping list instead of listening takes quite a switch. But the benefits are delicious.

That’s because life is made of these moments, all strung together with time pressures and responsibilities. Amidst it all, either we let life drive us or, deciding, we drive it. So, choosing to steer your moments with awareness and deliberate actions that affirm, comfort, and ennoble others has far-reaching consequences. Simply: you never really know what deeds of love can do.

Being a conversational Geisha is all about that.  By putting aside the haphazard thoughts that pop into your head, you have the power to steer situations toward calm comfort and peace. Think of it as the verbal equivalent to gently rubbing the stress from someone’s temples. Quarantining time by skipping responsibilities and troubles can create wonderful moments of togetherness and serenity. Even if nothing much happens, the atmosphere you create is tangibly good.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, there is incredible merit in being a conversational Geisha. Because to sit with someone, focusing on them, their feelings, and their needs is an empowering experience. After all, who doesn’t love to be warmly received and appreciated? And, how great does it feel to master the art of welcoming?

To know and cherish the tenderness of someone we love is an experience of bliss. Yet so is the pleasure of creating something beautiful out of, seemingly, nothing. The skills of the Geisha makes it happen.


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