The happiness of the bee and the dolphin is to exist. For man it is to know that and to wonder at it.

~ Jacques Yves Cousteau ~

The Christmas Tree Pest

December 23rd, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 53 secs

Come Christmas, she knows what to do.

It’s quiet. Not a sound stirs in the house on Christmas night and we are all fast asleep. Except, for the Christmas Tree Pest.

Drawing close to the illuminated Christmas tree, she makes her way around the base, sniffing each dingle and dangle in a cat kind of way. Then, stopping, she studies the branches, cables, and decorations. Because tonight she must make her own magic.

Standing shortly on her ample hind legs, the Christmas Tree Pest leaps upwards into the needled maze and the whole tree shivers. Baubles drop with a clatter or smash into sharp glass shards. But she knows she must go on.

Climbing every higher, the Christmas Tree Pest is determined to reach the top, to prove her place in this unique Christmas tradition. Others have stockings, treats for Santa, and carrots for reindeers. But we have the Christmas Tree Pest (aka Honeybeast) to celebrate the event.

When 16 pounds of hairy tabby grapples with a flimsy Christmas tree, the branches bow, and the main trunk bends. Alarmingly now, decorations start flying in all directions, and the household awakens to baubles falling and ornaments shattering.

Climbing ever higher, the Christmas Tree Pest balances precariously and it looks like the whole tree is about to come down. But it doesn’t. The Christmas Tree Pest knows what she is doing. So, we watch in amusement as she climbs ever higher to reach the crown of the tree.

Finally and thankfully, one very large cat makes it to the topmost part of the tree. Rocking back and forth like an upside down pendulum, she is one paw away from disaster. Yet, the Christmas Tree Pest has done her work (again). As we look on in wonder, she ever so carefully turns around and awkwardly falls from one branch to the next until she is down.

What can you say about this annual spectacle? Well, our very own Christmas Tree Pest is carrying on a feline tradition that she has decided to keep since being a kitten. Climbing up the tree, precipitously, she brings laughter to our house. In so doing, Honeybeast plays her part to celebrate.

Whether you’ve got crazy feline or not doesn’t matter too much. For the message is the same, whoever. Aside from a celebration of faith, Christmas will always be a powerful family time. When everyone, shortest to tallest and biggest to smallest, can play a part in their own unique way. Instead of doing it all yourself, let everyone in your household have a hand (or paw) in the how things are done. Because that’s how, in family terms, we learn what it means to belong.


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