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~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) ~

The Best Compatibility Test

January 29th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 9 secs

What can you get from a compatibility test?

Never being one for compatibility tests, I have to confess they can be helpful.

Though most people wouldn’t want to fail their compatibility test with the partner of their dreams, the process might challenge by shedding light on a few vague corners in your relationship. But there are a few things you can cross off already as known knowns (as opposed to unknown knowns, unknown unknowns, known unknowns that were not known… well, you known what I mean).

That people are attracted to their mirror opposite in temperament has long been observed, at least anecdotally. Out there, extroverted “comedians” need an audience after all. So, who better than somebody quiet and willing to listen to their incredible stories? A good compatibility test surely ought to pick that out.

Plus, there’s the matter of personal values. If you are dreaming of having a family of five kids and he has a one-bedroom city condo in mind with an eye on always enjoying the nightlife, no rocket science is required to realize there might be a slight clash…

A compatibility test needs to sift through core values versus negotiable values, especially if you plan on marrying a politician. Then there are attitudes about money (or the lack of it), color scheme compatibility, hairstyle matching (think 1980’s), harmonious dance coordination, and facial compatibility (did you catch all that, or are you starting to go cross-eyed or even nodding off?).

If you’ve felt my tongue is pressing firmly into my cheek, then you’ll know what I think about a good many compatibility tests. For instance, I’d like to dismiss horoscope matches outright and laugh them off. Yet, from what I can tell, they are at least as right as they are wrong. So, it would be a bit harsh to single them out too much (especially as my wife’s a Capsicum and I’m an Aquarium).

But, as always, we all love an easy answer. A quick fix solution to knowing our Mr. Right from Mr. Wrong is always appealing. That’s what draws us to the promise of a compatibility test. It creates the illusion of taking the risk away and confirming our choice.

After all, a good compatibility test should give you a useful pointer or two to mull over with your tealeaves. And, they’ve got to be better than a brace of four leaf clovers (which, let’s be frank, offer little in terms of relationship bliss).

Yet, if they fail to take in qualities like:

  • Appreciation
  • Kindness
  • Compassion
  • Fortitude, and
  • Wisdom

I wouldn’t hold my breath. Because the big compatibility test of living together relies more on these attributes than face matching, race, education, gym preferences, and all the rest.

That’s also why my book reveals the how’s and why’s behind certain personal qualities in making (or breaking) a happy life. Without that “compatibility test”, any relationship is going to be a long hard road. Or, equally likely, a short bumpy ride.

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