Fortune and love favor the brave.

~ Ovid ~

The Beauty of Diversity

January 13th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 1 sec

Beauty, by nature, celebrates variety.

Beauty, thankfully, is far more than skin deep. Those folk who keep getting stuck at this first base sure are missing a lot, because identity goes a whole lot further.

Tonight, there was plenty of time for Ruth and I to people watch and soak up the atmosphere of inner Sydney, seeing the beauty and fascinating diversity of people from all sorts of walks and cultures out and about on the street.

For all their faults, people are endlessly fascinating beings.  Full of contradictions and complexities, no two are completely alike, despite the widespread effects of conformity.

So far, all the attempts by the beauty industry to trade on the trivial (you’re only as good as your legs, lips, and hips, etc.), have gained immense traction. Yet, there are still some who defy this dumbing down effect to enjoy beauty their way.

And that’s just as well because all forms of beauty are delightfully varied and appealing. Advertisements pushing the emaciated gaunt look for women, standing 6 feet tall represent only a few. Being reminded that beauty is wrapped up in so many different ways indicates the beauty industry is actually naïve. Or, perhaps, that it’s easier to promote a one beauty to rule them all approach.

But when you consider it, if you’re 4’9”, it’s unlikely the 6’2” look will do it for you and vice versa. If enough people can see through these advertising media clichés and refuse to swallow them, then diversity will gain greater recognition (hopefully). In an ideal world, the beauty of being our natural selves and playing with that would simply be all we’d need.

Still, that’s the beauty of basic looks. How people communicate their identity reveals a much greater realm, ranging from how we treat our appearance right through to every other endeavor of our choosing.

That we can reveal beauty in umpteen ways is apparent when we ask questions like: do my actions show character? Is there kindness in my eyes and virtue in my words? Do I use my talents for the greater good? And, am I grounded with an appreciation of my power to inspire?

A sobering question to reflect on is: what do people think about you? Or, more pointedly, what will people think about you from now on? These aspects of beauty are not some tack on. They are the big end of beauty that can fulfill our actions and transform the mundane aspects of our life into something extraordinary. Something beautiful that leaves everyone satisfied.

Fortunately, beauty is inherently diverse, which means we can all find our own unique way to express it that reflects our best. The proverb: it’s not what you lack but what you have that matters, says it well. The beauty of our diversity is ready to be appreciated, so let’s keep expressing it.


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