Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness.

~ Bertrand Russell ~

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Don't you just love calls on hold? They take communication to new heights... and leave it there.

Communication Bingo Anyone?

May 20th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 16 secs

Thankyou for holding. One of our communication facilitators will be with you shortly.

Are you ready to play communication bingo? Press 3 if you would like to continue. Now press 5. To continue, press 8. Thanks for holding. We really, really, really value your call. That’s why we’ve got you on hold. But please, don’t hang up. An operator will be with you shortly… Read the rest of this entry »

What does it take to be a champion in communication?

How Good is Your Communication?

November 23rd, 2011 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 41 secs

As Daisy Khan demonstrated, communication isn't always as easy as it looks.

Let me guess. Your communication skills are very good if not excellent. Read the rest of this entry »

I don't have problems with communication. If you ask me, I think it's a guy thing.

What Communication?

October 31st, 2011 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 48 secs

Don't ask me. I just want to know what's going on.

Text me! Give me a call. Shoot me an email.

The scope for communication is colossal. Read the rest of this entry »