It is a characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things.

~ Henry David Thoreau ~

Stuff To Keep You Happy

April 24th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 59 secs

What kind of stuff do you need to keep you happy?

Life is full of stuff to keep you happy. There’s stuff in the wardrobe… stuff in the garage… stuff overflowing in the cupboards, and stuff in the stores. But there’s only one catch. Not only do you have to buy it but its happiness factor is never as marvelous as it’s made out to be.

Take a look at yourself and what do you see? Honestly. Do you see yourself as a person, still learning and becoming? A person of potential, with the ability to love, cherish, and express kindness? Or somebody you don’t want to be? A person who, deep down, you reject because of all of your flaws? If so, what part is the stuff to keep you happy actually playing in your life?

When you reach that point when you feel like you’re “drowning” in stuff that’s meant to keep you happy, it makes you think, doesn’t it? You ponder more about what’s needed and what’s not, and who you are in the midst of all.

My gut feeling is that you are somebody with beautiful qualities that other people need. You may not feel that way, but you do have a lot of good to give.

Be encouraged. There are people close by who desperately need your kindness and practical help. They don’t care what you look like, what you feel bad about, or what your inadequacies are. They just need you.  Which hints at something momentous. The reason why the real stuff to keep you happy isn’t for sale is because it can only come from the heart.

I’m sorry the Internet is so impersonal. You can easily read these words and think, “Oh he’s just saying that. He doesn’t know what I’m like.” But I am writing to you with all I believe. “Life is too short to be small,” as Benjamin Disraeli put it (Which is kind of funny, as he wasn’t a very tall chap, but you know what I mean!). The stuff to keep you happy is in you and when you share it, it overflows.

All the pretty things we drool over and feel we must have to bring happiness to our lives are nice enough. But they’re not enough. Besides, where does the happiness come from but in our own reactions? You have the ability to make all the “happy” you’ll ever need. Provided you remember how to make it and then share it.  It reminds me of that movie, The Right Stuff. Like the first astronauts, we need to reach for our qualities and make the most of them in our down-to-earth lives. That’s where the right stuff to keep you happy resides. Here, in you, exactly as you are with life as it is. Don’t miss it.


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