Brevity is the soul of lingerie.

~ Dorothy Parker ~

Straight Talk To You

April 20th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 31 secs

Yeah, I'm up for some straight talking.

Most people prefer straight talk. Leastways, that’s what they say. But in reality, it’s a different picture. Straight talk needs decoding. For some, it’s about hard facts. For others, it gives permission for precious honesty. So let me ask, what is straight talk to you?

Many people, I suspect, would feel happier hiding than participating in straight talk. It demands too much. You have to tell it like it is and take it back the same way too. If you’re a get up and go person, it’s natural for you. But if you’re the shy type, that kind of directness feels threatening to use.

So how about the people around you? Where do they stand on the straight talk measure? By listening to their preferred words you can usually tell. Terms like, “Give me the bottom line”, “Cut to the chase”, and, “Just give me the facts”, tell you a person craves it straight. No extra explanations or excess baggage. They only want the essentials. It’s one of their secrets to achieving.

But what about those people you know who prefer lengthier discussion? They’ll say, “Tell me more” “How are you feeling?” and “Let’s talk it through.” For them, straight talk means honesty with feelings. Not too direct, but sincere. It doesn’t matter how much is said, so long as the emotional truth comes through. So while some ride roughshod to get the facts, others seek sincerity. Either way, shy or sure, we all want the truth.

Satisfying these different straight talk styles requires awareness. So we need to choose the right “language” to make sure the message gets through. What is regarded as laboring a topic to one will be essential discussion to another. That’s why getting a bead on people’s straight talking style makes all the difference between being taken seriously or dismissed.

So to get to the point (with all sincerity) observe people this week. See how they communicate. Then try some straight talk the way they like it and watch what happens. You’ll find firsthand that straight talking skills demand plenty of curve in the delivery.






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