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Straight Talk In 57 Forms

May 4th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 46 secs

Thankfully, straight talk needn't be vicious.

Thankfully, straight talk needn’t be vicious.

The way people say it, it seems there’s only one form of straight talk. It always involves the “serious conversation” usually behind closed doors. That’s one, but there are others and many of them are actually fun.

The term “straight talk” connotes certain seriousness to it, doesn’t it? It says conversation is direct and honest and lacking in froth. Yet, if it’s sincerity and directness we are talking about, why can’t that come in a whole host of colors?

Thankfully, it does.  When you are walking alone with your friend and deeply immersed in heavy conversation or confiding seriously behind the library door, you’re delivering the standard straight talk.

Yet, when you are lying together with your lover in bed, sharing how you feel about each other, that’s straight talk too. You can be texting the truth with a friend, resting on the couch with your feet on top of someone’s knees, putting words together by email, or agreeing to marry in a hot air balloon. As long as it’s genuine and direct it qualifies.

That recent laughing then crying conversation you had with a close friend on the phone. Or, those emotional farewells you gave at the airport are forms of straight talk too. It needn’t be harsh, tactless, or blunt. Just real.

So in a sense, straight talk with anyone can deliver on any subject you like. The content isn’t the issue, only the honesty served without garnish.

Taken this way, you can certainly see how choosing the straight talking way of communication could be your main method. You might even get a reputation for it (which wouldn’t be such a bad thing). Then everyone would be sure you aren’t the type to beat around the bush and, as it happens, a lot of people like that.

With literally thousands of nuanced ways to communicate, we can choose to go for variety. Or, spice it all up with the straight talk approach to make gentle conversation sizzle with sincerity, and take to the microphone with gravity in every word.

With so much talk rarely rising above the piffle stage (think advertising, chit chat, and media exaggeration), more straight talk in this world would go a long way to adding value to communication. Especially when it’s geared to enriching others and cutting through so much mind-numbing rubbish. There. I trust that is direct enough. Whatever and however you do it, make what you say… count.

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