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Stop Phubbing In Public

August 11th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 13 secs

To phub or not to phub...

To phub or not to phub…

What is phubbing? It’s when people snub others in a social setting by repeatedly peering at their phone instead of paying attention. It’s also the new term for a bad habit that’s already embedded.

Well-intentioned people will deny they’ve ever done it. But I suspect just about all of us have done a bit of phubbing on the side at some stage or another.

But now the cat is out of the bag, it’s time we reigned in this antisocial practice and remembered our manners. After all, either we are with someone or we are not.

I recall an early case of phubbing done by an egocentric real estate agent. He was trying to sell us a house while taking calls at the same time and thinking he was a hotshot with his flip phone (remember them?). My how times have changed.

Being such a widespread phenomenon I think we are going to have to backtrack somewhat and remind ourselves that time together is precious. Having lost sight of that, we are forgetting that wholeheartedly receiving the person we are with actually matters.

Fortunately, I have a workaround (of sorts). Should you want to look at your phone, tablet, computer, or some other device, just ask,  “Is it alright if I look at this for the next few minutes?”

Otherwise, we could easily stomp over other people’s sensibilities and no thinking person wants to do that. So enough with the phubbing! Let’s remember how good it is to enjoy being in the moment with people, focusing on being together and making the most of our relationships. Oh, and don’t be frightened to turn off your phone.

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