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Stimulating the Cat’s Brain

November 4th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 43 secs

What's going on in his head anyway?

What’s going on in his head anyway?

The brain (or, as we say in our house: the “brian”) is an incredible thing. With its capacity to process so much information it has a rapacious appetite for stimulus. Which is why we are trying to inspire our cat.

The moggy in question – Scallywag to be exact – seems to be suffering from a rather undernourished brian. Family theory is that because he is a mostly indoor boy his tiny brian isn’t being challenged enough to develop beyond eating, stretching, and sleeping.

So, we let Scally out into the garden, where he marvels at birds and sits wide-eyed staring at skinks and snails. All of which, we figure, should be enlarging his brain (oops, brian) to a gargantuan size.

Given Scally’s ancestors hunted on the plains as high-ranking predators, they needed to keep their brian in top-notch condition. Yet, fast forward a few thousand years and here is little ragdoll cat, Scally, not quite sure what to think about anything.

I suppose I’m to blame for his tiny brian. Poor Scally. His mental capacity appears somewhat stunted thanks to a lack of challenge and an absence of feline excitement.

We did try to buy him a catnip mouse once. Only, it got lost. Oh, and we’ve had feathers on strings, a little laser light for him to leap at, tissues to pounce on, a dice to roll, and cardboard boxes converted into crazy cat hotels. All that should have made his brain ripple with stimulus.

But, no. Scally cognition hasn’t improved. He is a dear pet really. Proof positive that you don’t need great intellect to make a valuable contribution. After all, he loves a pat, makes plenty of cat vocab sounds, and considers our bed his very own. So what more can a happy cat’s owners want?

Well, in our case, as puss parents we’d like to see Scally develop his brian just a wee bit more than it has. Maybe he could play chess now and then, read the odd picture book, and do more with the computer than loll on top of the keyboard.

Are we being pushy? Do you think we are riding him too much? And is there really any hope for his tiny brian (err, brain)? The way Scally is looking at me right now clearly says it all: “Feegs, you definitely need to get out more”.

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