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Stay Grateful

October 8th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 8 secs

Happy that you have a coat.

Happy that you have a coat.

The moment something horrible happens, we stop being grateful. Instead, we can easily turn into picky, cantankerous  grumblers at the drop of a hat. So, it’s almost habitual that we do.

For we all can get justifiably bogged down with frustration, disappointment, and resentment when so much in life goes wrong. That’s why we it feels “right” to be angry at times about the way things turn out. Trouble is, that’s never going to help you find peace in the situation.

Understand, I’m not into being positive for the sake of it. Quite apart  from the fact that there are times when it is simply the wrong thing, it’s not the magical answer some people make out.

Still, possessing a grateful mind does have significant benefits, making it a worthwhile way to approach life’s hardships. What kind of benefits? Well, gratitude and placing a value on thankfulness gives us the ability to make the most of situations (when we might otherwise lapse into sneering and nit-picking).

Having a more affirmative approach to a great many situations lets you steer where you might like to go, instead of getting tangled up in a mire of frustration.

To me, this is much more about living well than trying to be positive simply because it’s “right” or “nicer”. What matters is that you have the resources to cope and, if possible, handle common situations with all of your faculties intact.

Instead of reverting to becoming stuck in a rut of moaning and protesting, gratitude sees you through to stuff you can control and also feel empowered about.

Just like today, when I went down to see Mum at the nursing home in Snug. I wanted to set up her new TV but I couldn’t find a screwdriver for love nor money. Nor did the unit come with a cable for the antenna. Petty stuff, I know. But it was frustrating to come all that way and not be able to help. Especially when it’s a 30 km (20 mile) round trip to get these little things.

I could have become focused on how annoying it all was. Just as you can too when pesky stuff happens to you. But I reminded myself that applying gratefulness could shift my thinking onto bigger things (which is exactly what I did).

Life literally teams with annoyances and situations that really are vexatious. But if we let these irritating circumstances consume us, we become stuck (and that is a major bother).

So when next you find your goals blocked, or you suffer problems too exasperating to explain, switch. Step away from the pain and picture other aspects of your position  that deserve gratitude.

Think of being grateful as a technique to optimize your thinking and dodge  getting stuck in the mud of frustration.  Consider what really matters most to you in the whole world and remember, that is enough. Because, in so many ways that we all too easily forget: you and I are both blessed.

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