You can turn painful situations around through laughter. If you can find humor in anything, even poverty, you can survive it.

~ Bill Cosby ~

Spoiling Your Day 9 Ways

October 1st, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 3 mins, 1 sec

Yes, bad days do happen.

What does it take to spoil your day? There are countless things that can go wrong, I know. But I find it’s our unintentional misadventures that do it best.  Here’s a sampler to be wary of:

  1. Nothing gets a day going wrong more easily than forgetting it’s a workday and sleeping in. This sets the tone by getting you into a running flap as you fight to get to work on time. There’ll be a trail of mess behind, and you’re likely to get very grouchy. But never mind. If it’s just being late, it shouldn’t spoil your entire day. It’s the belief that you’re in a bad day cycle that’s the worry.
  2. Having jumped out of bed, leapt into the shower, and thrown on your clothes for the day, chances are you’re risking a massive garment malfunction. No sooner are you running out the door than the effects kick in. But there’s no time to change. The show must go on. Suddenly, some item begins riding up while another starts falling down. This distressing combination keeps you constantly hoisting sagging socks, awkwardly unhitching your underwear (always awkward in public), and daring not to bend, breathe, or sneeze, lest something starts to give; or worse, burst. But that’s nothing compared to the troubles of mud.
  3. It isn’t easy to do deliberately, but nothing says “yuck” more than getting your skirt or coat stuck in the bottom doorsill of the car on a muddy, rainy day. Alternatively, standing near the curb as a street sweeper drives by will leave you gasping for air. Otherwise, there’s always a knee-deep puddle to catch you unaware. Whatever way, mud-drenching events are definitely not for the fainthearted. Nor is the flick mixer splash back.
  4. When rinsing your cup during a break, it’s all too easy to enthusiastically turn the sink tap on full to produce the most magnificent waterspout. Inevitably, it sprays all over your face, clothes, and everything else that’s close. Besides the shock value, it’ll get the work crowd talking. And so will a toilet error.
  5. Coming out of the lavatory leaving your fly undone, or a strip of toilet paper trailing from your pants guarantees you’ll get unwanted attention. But there are also other ways spoil your day.
  6. Accidentally leaving your phone on speaker can also be awkward. Particularly, when your loved one calls you during the day and everyone hears their kissing sound effects and painfully detailed bedroom comments. Against this social faux pas, experiencing a simple spill seems benign and almost safe.
  7. It might not take much, but tipping your tea or coffee over a wide area can be a singular disaster. As you flounder for a cloth and beg a thousand pardons, there’s the added complexity that you’ve allegedly half-drowned some innocent bystanders. Thanks to your disastrous splash, you can expect to have earned a day full of deep indignation and frowns.  This means you can’t wait to get home.
  8. At the end of the day, coming home will seem a relief. But not if you get through the doorway and trip over the cat  (a dog will do this too, if a cat isn’t handy). Doing this with your hands full and yelling loudly adds to the drama and gets a massive family reaction. But by now, you’re past caring. At least, that’s what you think.
  9. Having made it through the day’s dramas and finally climbed into the cot, there is one more way to leave you gibbering: when you clumsily fall out of bed. After all you’ve gone through this has to be the coup de grace. At this point, it’s difficult to be philosophical, and much easier to switch off the light and pull up the covers, hoping that the next day will leave you unscathed.

Incidentally, I’m not admitting I’ve done these things. Nor am I confessing to doing them all in one day. But if your own day happens to be turning out kind of rotten, be encouraged. It’s not you. Bad times occasionally happen. Just keep on keeping on, and eventually, a brighter more amiable day will dawn. Meantime, just hang in there!

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