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Some Hardship Is Good

September 9th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 31 secs

There's good to be had from patient toil.

There’s good to be had from patient toil.

Craving comfort, I much prefer an easy life. But difficulty – as much as I don’t like it – does me good.

It was like that at university when I didn’t want to study late into the night and weekends. Likewise, there are times these days when  I would prefer to run a hundred miles from my responsibilities. But I know inside that escaping won’t help.

When hardship comes it’s incumbent on us to rise about our difficulties. Not because it’s necessarily the right thing to do (though at times that’s exactly what it is), but because we are the better for overcoming adversity and affirming our capability.

We grow through hard times. Not smoothly, or easily, but often with pain and difficulty.

It’s tough to push through the rough patches or when that lazy gene kicks in. As a double black belt in laziness myself, I often find I have to push myself through many worthwhile duties. Yet, as cruel as it feels, it does me a lot of good.

Today, it’s possible to avoid a great deal of difficulty and still get by. You can refuse to talk to people who bother you, dodge any issues that feel tricky, and leave your relationships the moment they become awkward. But that’s not going to get us through life with any degree of maturity, wisdom, and fortitude.

No, such an approach would turn anyone into an emotional weenie. Being devoid of courage is surely undesirable, as is a lack of resilience.

For life to be good, we need the refining effects of tough times to grow. Instead of offering deep satisfaction, laziness and avoidance create a feeble helplessness that eats away at our happiness.

Comfort is great (don’t get me wrong). But if that’s the sum total of our goals, it prevents us from doing much good with our life. We need to get our hands dirty to achieve, get through, and thrive. Because the end result is much greater than ease. It’s  satisfaction to the core, and that is very good indeed.

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