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Should We Celebrate Mothers Day?

May 12th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 47 secs

Is Mothers Day necessary?

Is Mothers Day necessary?

It’s Mothers Day today on the 12th of May 2013. At least, it is in Australia, USA, Canada, China, Germany, India, Netherlands, Turkey, and the Ukraine (to name a few). While France, Poland, and Sweden will have their Day on the last Sunday this May.

As it happens, the UK, Norway, and Spain have already had Mothers Day, and some countries celebrate their version of this special day on dates scattered across the calendar. So I assume if you were a serious Mothers Day groupie you could travel the world finding as many Mothers Days as you like!

Thanks to Anna Jarvis who inspired her nation to join in Mothers Day celebration (that she started back in 1908), places worldwide now venerate mothers by designating a special day just for them.

Even so, Miss Jarvis, who was never a mother herself, lamented the commercialization of the occasion, which quickly took greater place than she anticipated.

Despite the rampant focus on gift shopping and sales, it’s interesting to hear so many mothers in the media recently say their ideal Mothers Day involved:

  • Spending time together as a family
  • Having lots of cuddles
  • Enjoying a day off from chores, and
  • Delight in a bit of pampering.

I daresay mothers the world over appreciate these same things. So Mothers Day has a very simple focus that everyone can welcome. And, judging by the amount of once used foot spas that mothers quietly stow away in their cupboard; it’s a message well worth remembering.

Though parental relationships can be complex, it’s worth examining the value of saying thank you to your mum on Mothers Day. Because, for the most part, mothering is quite a thankless role Making it a fond celebration of gratitude for the person who bore you into the world, fed, clothed, changed, and burped you certainly never goes astray.

Without your mother you would never have been able to function as well as you do. Having raised you, she has given you an opportunity to make your life count and that, in itself, is a remarkable gift.

Indeed, through mothering, the entire population of the world has arrived and been given a chance at life. That’s not only a staggering observation but also a reflection of how vital mothers are to humanity’s survival.

So, a bit of fuss for the person who helped make you happen won’t go astray. As we all celebrate on our respective dates to wish our Mums (and Moms) another happy Mothers Day.

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