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Sharing Birthday Fun

August 1st, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 52 secs

Celebrations are best enjoyed together.

Celebrations are best enjoyed together.

Apart from the delicious thrill of enjoying your own birthday, there’s another pleasure that rarely gets a mention. And that is celebrating someone else’s.

Let me unpack all of that. For starters, many people don’t really feel all that excited about having “yet another birthday”. So for them it’s all a bit of a chore. Little wonder then that they feel less than delighted about other people’s birthday revelry.

If you fit that bill take heart. It’s not all doom and gloom and dark. Birthday pleasure simply needs stripping back to its essentials. It marks another year of life, you can share it, and there’s a chance of cake. What more do you need.

So approaching the whole birthday business in a light-hearted way is definitely the preferred approach. Too much extravaganza, obligation, and impressing undermines the fun of sharing and puts pressure into what ought to be a happy and easygoing experience.

After all, it’s just a matter of remembering somebody being a year older. That’s hardly a big deal.

So what else deserves to be included  in the birthday equation? That’s easy: friends and family. Either or both will do. Just be sure to enjoy each other’s company.

In a world where we so often forgo celebration for routines and duty, it’s great to let your hair down together and enjoy something wonderfully frivolous. Let your happiness at sharing the event be part of your contribution to the fun of others and make birthdaying be a social event.

Presents are nice (no question), and traditions are good too. But the act of uniting in celebration and relationship is the essential element that makes a birthday not just about an individual but your social group.

By sharing in the fun we can forget about being too grown up and just enjoy the pleasure of companionship. If it comes with good food and drink, all the better. But even they aren’t essential. Our sense of belonging and the recognition we give make all the difference. And if you have a bit of cake and maybe blow out a few candles, that’s good too!

(Speaking of which, a certain fellow by the name of Murtza Syamval is having his birthday today. I don’t know him, but his friend Manorama Mishra certainly does and asked me to send Murtza this message. To everyone having a birthday today, this past week, or in the one coming, I wish you every joy, happiness, and the blessing of loved ones who care for you. Happy birthday!)

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