I sometimes wonder whether all pleasures are not substitutes for joy.

~ C S Lewis ~

Right Now

July 1st, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 53 secs

Could your best times really  start now?

Could your best times really start now?

Now. You haven’t got tomorrow. Not yet anyway. And yesterday? That’s gone the way of the dodo.

Today, right now is it. This moment is everything you can touch, taste, smell, hear, and feel.

It’s where we have immediate impact and can use it to plan for tomorrow. But spend too much of now planning and our grip starts to slip from our awareness of the present.

Have bad things happened? Now is the time to do something about them. Having struggled with some particular trouble, today is the day to create improvement.

For whatever the past has done, now allows us to revise the story.

Your life, like a book, is being written by you. Today, you are creating new pages that continue the story of events now past, as you make way for future installments. What is happening right now is the interface where you are touching life in real time. It’s only in our mind that we create the illusion of continuity.

Strip back the idea of time and you are left seeing that now is it. Today is the time to do everything meaningful. At least, what you can fit in.

Now is the right time to:

  • Show someone you love them
  • Make grand plans and envision big things
  • Consider the power you have to make changes
  • Help others with their needs
  • Complete small activities
  • Remind yourself what matters most, and
  • Sense with awareness all that is beautiful in the world around you, such as it is.

Procrastination may have its benefits. But daring to tackle life now in real time is laden with more fruitful rewards. You can’t get this moment again. Refuse to use it and, it’s true, you lose it.

Waiting for that perfect moment when everything feels just right is also a wasteful equation. It might be better to start that new project on Tuesday the 14th of July 2015. But what of the lost opportunities in between? Imperfect though it be, it’s better to make life happen now.

Though a constant future focus looks good, it conceals a weakness.  You can imagine how wonderful things will be when you’ve accomplished A, B, and C. But there’s a certain escapism to future thinking that needs to be faced. Because, unlike the ever morphing future, both action and accountability are required by the reality of today.

In this moment, you can do a kind act, actively listen to someone needing to be heard, and take stock of what you’ve got. Tomorrow will present it’s own opportunities, but right now, the prospect of living well in the present is beckoning.

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