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Revealing The Cancer Cure From India Bill Clinton Eats

May 1st, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 39 secs

Another cancer cure from India... that Bill Clinton eats?

You know, it’s really none of our business what cancer cure from India Bill Clinton eats. Really. But, since he was a former US President, I guess he can’t hide from the limelight easily. So if he drinks a certain soft drink, uses tissues to blow his nose, or sits in a certain sofa, someone will want to know.

That’s the way of it with celebrity. Leave some hair on a hotel comb and somebody is going to bag and sell it on eBay. So when the former American President’s “secret” preventative got press back in 2011, it made a few quacks some money and disappointed a great many.

Admittedly, there were mitigating circumstances as he did have skin cancer more than a decade ago. Which makes the former President’s choice of preventative a little more interesting. So what’s the cancer cure from India Bill Clinton eats? Apparently, it’s apricot kernels. They’re the things inside apricot stones that look a little like a shriveled almond.

So if people want to buy them and go their hardest that’s fine, isn’t it? Well, no, as this so-called magic cancer cure from India that Bill Clinton eats contains cyanide! This means the cure is most certainly worse than the disease, given a mere 200mg is enough to knock you off your perch in minutes. Like so many quack recommendations, they’re either useless or plain dangerous. Despite the pseudo science, cyanide is not something you want anyone to mess around with.

Whether it’s:

  • The astounding cancer cure from India Bill Clinton eats
  • The amazing slimming food that burns up all your fat in days, or
  • The unique berry formulation that turns back your aging clock

you know they are all bogus. What marks each claim is that they’re incredible; meaning, they lack any credibility at all. Which means that anytime somebody claims a new miracle this or that, it’s worth holding back and letting the dust settle. Celebrities, famous folk, and slick media campaigns are frequently used to plug a product by creating the equation social credibility disproves quackery. It doesn’t. So forget about what Bill eats, Natalie drinks, or what Jennifer doesn’t. The only good gauge of true breakthroughs is what respected health professionals and pharmacologists can verify. But then, you know that, don’t you?

  1. Robin says:

    Thanks I was gonna actually eat them and it probably would have killed me!

    • Feegs says:

      Blimey! Well I’m glad you didn’t, Robin, because we need you to keep doing good with your life. (o;

  2. Feegs says:

    Thanks, Abe, for sharing your thoughts. It’s easy to dismiss alternatives when we feel we don’t need them, isn’t it? But actually having cancer puts a different perspective on the situation. Yet, I would gently encourage you to seek out health professionals you can trust. Because you’re right. Money does distort human behavior. Yet there are medical specialists you can certainly respect. If you haven’t already, get a referral to an oncologist, speciailizing in your particular cancer, and talk to them to check out your options.
    Alternatives, Abe, are a matter of choice, and obviously, you should be free to choose what you want. But I do encourage you to investigate treatment within the health system because, crucially, the results are measurable. In any case, Abe, I wish you recovery and better health in the future. You deserve it.

  3. Abe says:

    I originally came from a very poor country with no healthcare. We grew up with knowing a lot about natural cure from the earth. When we moved to Canada many years ago we became dependant on doctors more, who I believe are mostly interested in helping. However my dad died at a young age of cancer anyays. I am now his age and have been diagonosed with a different cancer type.
    Although I am going through all the medical procedures I am concerned that money is way to big a part in medicine and there are some alternatives. When we trust I’m not sure if it is money motivated and when we try to push away any alternatives without personally checking them out, I often wonder how much stake do we have in medicine, It’s an opinion and money talks. In todays world it can even help buy our leaders.