People in the West are always getting ready to live.

~ Chinese Proverb ~

Remember When?

September 3rd, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 27 secs

Ahh, memories.

Remember when you were knee high to a grasshopper and life seemed so simple? Remember the sun on your back as you played in the high grass with your friends in a fantasy world of made up games? I remember.

Seems to me that life’s pace is at such a race that we’re getting less and less time to reminisce. Not to recall all, but at least some occasions when we truly had fun. Or, remembering when life felt so intense: at that party, that almost forgotten get-together, family celebration, and, yes, at that funeral.

I want to remember those moments. To recall times of joy, and togetherness with people I’ve known. We all do well to keep their memory close. But life steals our recollections away in an ongoing rush-filled flurry of responsibility. “Now” consumes our memories with a cascade of immediate demands and we are left forgetting.

Remember when you pressed your hand into the hand of your first romantic flame? How it felt to know love at that tender age and all the thrill that you felt. We forget too much.

A kinder life lets us make times to feel, hear, and tell our memories to each other. It’s a humanizing experience of tenderness that, sadly, is now getting looked upon as irrelevant.  Got to keep moving, spending, paying, and working. It makes the hamster’s wheel go round after all.

But if you’re not into going round and round in circles, treasure your thoughts and remembrances and give them some air. In doing so share them and invest some time discovering the memories of others you love. By giving each other the gift of respect we all benefit from the connection. Your mother, and hers; you, and your children: all bonded by stories worth telling and keeping.

To me, a happier life makes room for memories. Not in a life always turning back, but one that takes a wider view. When we temper today with the experience of our yesterdays, life gets more than length. Memory brings something solid to today’s unfolding events. Remembering gives life substance.


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