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Read Everything And You Might Explode

October 8th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 9 secs

Even reading in bed is changing.

Even reading in bed is changing.

You shouldn’t listen to everything you read. Nor should you believe everything you see on the radio. That kind of advice sounded pretty crazy once upon a time. But now, thanks to modern technology, you can play hyperlinked text and hear what is spoken. Internet radio too, allows you to see pictures relating to what you’re listening to (in case you needed it).

In effect, technology is turning so much that we take for granted on its head. At least, that’s my excuse for being confused.

The thing is, keeping up with so many changes leave my poor head spinning as waves of the latest innovations march in, complete with thick feature and instruction books (no longer on paper but now in extended PDF format).

Indeed, even reading is getting a run for its money as more and more people discover the timely effectiveness of skimming over sentences and relying on photographs to get the gist of what they think they might need to know in case they do.

Perhaps that’s why clicking like, ticking a box, or clicking links has gained second nature status.

As the pace of information rises like a tide, so does our need for efficient ways to make sense of what’s going on around us. In a sense, modern technology is a chicken and egg thing. Having new ways to discover more, we need more ways to handle these discoveries. So, we look to the convenience of technology to sort it all out, as eggs pop out of hens and little chicks keep hatching.

Personally I’m not surprised that all of this is having a knock on effect. Because the time it takes to read lots of books, pour over the daily papers, and read magazines is now at such a premium, new mediums like the Internet (with its range of social media), e-mails, texting, and ever more streams of information, technology is taking over.

That’s a far cry from a century ago when parents used to keep their children home from school because they feared their brains might burst from having too much to learn (though, silly as it seems, I actually do feel like that at times).

While we don’t think that way, it’s fair to say that the information available to you, me, your cat Tiddles (and even your pet budgie) has ballooned. Today, there are no more polymaths capable of knowing all there is to know about multiple fields of major subjects. For now, there is simply too much to know. Experts there are a plenty. But with so much to discover, even experts have to run to keep up.

What does this mean? Are we smarter now than we were last year? Do we have a better grasp of life, love, and happiness because information is exponentially rising?

What do you think? Are you happy with the way information is changing? And how do you feel about reading the way it’s done today? It’s time you posted a comment (below) and chose to have your say.

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