Love is a better teacher than duty.

~ Albert Einstein ~

Profit Frome Home… With Education

June 15th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 3 secs

Sure, I’d like to earn a living from home.

Now is the best  time to profit from home with education. True, it will take time and most people start looking for a quick answer at the 11th hour when things are really difficult. At that point, people start googling,  “I needa job”, “gimme work”, or  “how to profit frome home.

Notice the typos? We all make our fair share of spelling errors. But I suspect these particular typos show some valuable clues. Typing “profit frome home” or “wanna job”, suggest that perhaps writing doesn’t come easily. True, it could be people simply being casual. But this is a serious topic, isn’t it? That’s why I’ve got a few tips to help.

Now I’ve previously mentioned a range of roles and ideas to get something going (as there are a number of ways you can bring money in). But, for the best long term return, I recommend further education. No matter how skilled we are or what we have already accomplished, there is always something worthwhile to learn. From a job nailing point of view, I believe the best way to “profit frome home” is with study. As well as hands on experience, employers are more likely to look at hiring somebody who shows academic ability that adds value to their business. For many positions, that means a reasonable command of the language, if only to get the job in the first place. Because limited language proficiency dramatically reduces people’s job options, it’s an essential area for improvement.

Now obviously, if you want to work from home, self-employment is the focus. But with so many regulations today this makes a strong command of written language more important still. That makes education such a great way to allow anyone to “profit frome home.” Providing the training:

  1. Is relevant
  2. Fits the labor market
  3. Suits the student’s aptitudes
  4. Matches the student’s time budget, and
  5. Is financially doable

then it’s certainly worth doing to improve income and increase job stability.

Regardless of how lowbrow or ivy-league vocationally orientated education is, these five criteria are essential. Just as there are many “graduating” from backyard training courses offering poor prospects, there are also growing numbers of university graduates plunging headlong in prolonged unemployment. Of those that do find suitable careers some struggle for decades, scratching to pay back their study debts. Study without adequate planning lowers our  chances of “profiting frome home” or “findin a big carear”, regardless of what kind of study is done.

So what’s the best way to “profit frome home”? Seriously? Well, I believe it takes a lot of thinking, planning, researching, and working. Short cuts often lead to short ends or unintended consequences. Which is why, putting a considered plan together helps you focus. Write everything down and, if it feels unfamiliar, get help from someone who does this sort of thing easily. Learning is the answer to a whole host of poverties, and the moment we learn that the richer we become.


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