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Pick Your Pleasure

July 30th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 47 secs

Go on, you deserve it.

Go on, you deserve it.

Are you getting enough pleasure in your life? That might seem like an indulgent concept but seriously, pleasure is an important benefit.

Some people have a very uneasy relationship with pleasure. They distrust themselves to enjoy much of anything, preferring harsh discipline and martyrdom than genuine enjoyment.

But what does that achieve? To me, pleasure in the simple things around you is part of a well-lived life. To rob our selves of such delights is a travesty. Yet it happens, doesn’t it?

All too often, you can blame it on the responsibility gene. When obligation kicks in you defer or ignore your needs and desires for the sake of others and what must be done. That’s fair enough. Yet, if we perpetually put ourselves last, what happens? Exactly. You feel like you are missing out on life and, pretty soon, all your enjoyment fades away.

While a life totally bent on pleasure would be out of kilter, I suspect a great many of us are inclined to teeter too far the other way. Enjoyment is sporadic, and pleasure being bought is always a “one day” hope, rather than naturally caught in life’s daily events.

So how do we enhance life by having more pleasures? Firstly, pick your preferences. Have a clear idea of what you truly like so it gets more attention. No point denying you like something (unless you are into suffering for the sake of it).

Consider that the people who experience the most enjoyment do so because their pleasures are readily accessible. Patting the cat or dog, running around the park with the kids, enjoying dessert, and watching your favorite TV show – are simple things. Yet they bring immense pleasure often because they’re so easy to initiate.

Another helpful tactic is to pair pleasures with achieving. Set goals that are readily attainable and link your achievements with compatible rewards. For instance, if you’ve been working long hours in work that involves lots of walking and standing, buy yourself some truly comfortable shoes.  Alternatively, collect the odd accessory or two as you reach certain milestones, and integrate reward for effort celebrations as part of your work life approach.

Matching measurable attainments with small but pleasurable rewards is fun and reminds you that you are getting things done (which can be all too easy to forget).

Remember, pleasures are a wonderful part of life and if they enlighten, uplift, or ennoble, then they are profoundly worthy to be a priority. Because even the way we reward ourselves actually matters.

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