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Pets Know Too Much

December 16th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 52 secs

Pets know what you’re doing.

Admit it, your pets know more about you than you would want to admit. They watch you dress and undress, get in and out of the bath or shower, and sneak into the bedroom any time they can.

If your pets could speak it would be more than a miracle. It would be a scandal. Would you have to bribe them not to talk to the press about all you dribbling, asleep in bed (say, by offering them pride of place on your chair)? Or, would they keep mum about your routines to prove once and for all how loyal they can be?

Our cat, Scally, definitely knows more than he talks about. Yes, he yowls for attention, food, or a hasty exit to play outdoors. But that’s doesn’t tell you anything. Actually, I’m glad. I prefer him sitting mute on the end of the bed with that bleary-eyed grin. Pets dictating terms about your personal situation doesn’t bear thinking about.

What am I saying? Pets do it all the time! Not going to the fridge? Well you ought to be. So they’ll trip you up or else steer you there to keep you on track (after all, they know your limits).

Pets, as they say, are for life (there is no parole). Once you adopt them then the scrutiny begins as they start analyzing what makes you tick. We people go all soppy about their cute little ways. But pets have worked us out and are only too happy to lap up the arrangement.

Doting owners of much loved pets enjoy their furry friend’s accepting nature. But that’s actually dogs’ and cats’ secret strategy. Like a sleeper cell: get us believing they’re helpless and they’ve got it set.  We become just what they want. How clever is that?

Better yet, they make the whole process enjoyable. We love our pet’s affection to distraction, and, of course wouldn’t have it any other way. So, pets sure know how to make themselves comfortable. Having trained we humans to be good pet caring citizens, they’ve got it made.

So next time you speak a fond word to your dog or cat, realize precisely who is in charge. Forget any thoughts that it’s you. Because, the bond between humans and pets puts them on easy street. Within the critter-carer relationship, those inscrutable little villains have sorted us out, while we hapless humans never even see it coming. But would we have it any other way?  If you love your little beasts, the answer is all too obvious.

Know you know: pets know too much!


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