Fall seven times, stand up eight.

~ Japanese Proverb ~

Perfect? No

July 28th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 2 secs

In reall life we make mistakes.

In reall life we make mistakes.

Some people portray a successful existence as a life of perpetual smiles. Nothing ever goes wrong and everyone is always kind. Such are the fantasies we keep.

A successful life has to have some grit to it. You can be guaranteed there will be obnoxious people you will have to meet, and trouble? Well, it’s never be too far away, is it?

So what is all this “perfect” stuff?  For some reason particular people (and even cultures) perpetuate perfection like it’s some standard of living. But the more you think about it, the crazier that concept seems to be.

Advertisers love peddling the perfection promise. And, certainly, we’ve all seen people with seemingly perfect family lives in picture-perfect family homes with the ideal car (or cars) in the driveway. Oh, and they really must be wedded to a personal plastic surgeon (How else can you explain their fountain of youth attractiveness?)

Well, when I say we’ve all seen people like these, I’m implying something. We “feel” as if we’ve seen these people (undoubtedly, some of us have). But the image makers have created such a compelling “reality” of idealized life that I suspect it has become part of our collective suggested memory.

Meanwhile, you’ve been yelling at the kids, you’re fed up with the state of the place, and you feel tired, fat, and frumpy. Day by day, life feels far too tough and success doesn’t seem to have much to do with us.

Well, step away from Neverland and it becomes apparent that what passes for plain is actually the proving ground for all our achievements. Your overfamiliarity with the kitchen sink, the car that won’t start, and the kids that don’t help, all have refining potential.

Thanks to the grand imagination of Hollywood, Bollywood, and media magic, reality has had a perfect makeover (or at least, our expectations have). In the process we are being set up for inevitable disappointment.

Meanwhile, the uber rich still have problems, health scares, and put up with people they find highly irritating. Seemingly ideal lives, externally perfect, are nothing of the sort behind closed doors. And images of perfection cannot be kept up for too long, because real world cracks appear all too soon.

Your shiny new vehicle quickly gets stone chips. The kindest people have their limits, and dream situations eventually end when we awaken.

Strive for the heights by all means if it’s your passion. But beware of perfection! Because on this Earth there ain’t such a thing (thought mathematicians may keep their own opinions).

Working towards higher levels of quality? Yes. Creating a standard that is second to none? Sure. But perfection? Speaking that up on Earth only leads to frustration. For it’s a term better suited to a place far beyond our world of imperfections: Heaven.

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