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People First

August 6th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 56 secs

Is it possible to have diversity and still work together?

Is it possible to have diversity and still work together?

It’s funny what people get fixated about. Some become obsessive about gender, race, or culture, as if those things mattered most.

But the way I see it, these aspects are only parts of an essential fact: we are all people and that is enough.

Those women who preach the evils of men and fixate about gender are missing something. Much as men who conceitedly maintain that males are somehow superior. Yet gender is a mere feature, not the central issue.

The same goes for those who pit culture against culture, and race against race. As humans we all share common ancestors and common needs. So, while we might turn a nose up about a particular dish, or widen our eyes about some kinds of cultural practices, these are peripheral. Our common bonds are really much stronger.

Diversity is often seen to be a source of conflict. But what if it were regarded as an asset contributing to our overall strength? Because, when you think about it, the people of the world are all the better for regional variety, distinctive ideas, distinct cultural heritage, and the benefits of gender.

Am I saying there won’t be flashpoints arising from all these unique features? Not at all. You can expect some people will get stuck on difference and miss the main game completely. And, sure enough, that happens on a regular basis through, discrimination, racism, and gender inequality.

But the strength that comes from variety deserves attention. Together, with acceptance, we can achieve what seem to be miracles. With cooperation built on bigger thinking we can admire our differences as benefits, or simply learn about life through them.

Working together and forming a bigger view of humanity is more than just a “nice idea”. We are now at that point in human history where our presence on the planet is so great we have to find better ways to cooperate.

Rising global temperatures are not the problem of one nation. Nor are matters of economics, health, education, and planning. The idea that “we” means only some of us is a bit clunky in this era of global communication. Yet, as some governments and people remain stuck in regional thinking, it’s not exactly a neat transition.

People fear what other people can do. Entire industries geared toward killing people continue to have a huge influence on world economies and I imagine it’s unlikely to change any time soon.

And yet… the more we recognize that we are all people first, the less all the warring and division makes sense. If we accept that all people matter – whether we think the same things or not – then the world becomes a different place. To me, it also becomes a better place.

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