Unshared joy is an unlit candle.

~ Spanish Proverb ~

Peace To You

October 30th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 54 secs

You deserve a bit of peace everyday.

Did you get any peace today? What about the day before? Or, the day before that? I suspect most of us don’t get enough moments of peace to balance out the stresses and strains of daily demands.

We, you and I, are busy, as most adults are. So, no matter how well we organize our time, it seems finding moments of peace are last in line. There are all the must do tasks, the should do jobs, and the gonna-do to do’s that beset us. Day to day life is filled with the first two. While we already know what happens with our gonna-do’s. But I want to share with you why I believe creating moments of peace in your daily life is a high priority.

There must be dozens if not hundreds of books written each year on the theme of balancing our life. It’s a critical area. Some pillory the suggestion that it’s possible. Whilst others, insist you can do it by obeying their rules.

I don’t have a simple “one size fits all answer to the balance question. But I do believe that finding personal peace in your daily life comes pretty close. If nothing else, you’ll feel better for it.

How do you find peace daily? Well, here’s a list of suggestions:

  • Switch off all your communication devices for as long as you can.
  • Turn off and exclude any unnecessary sound sources.
  • Go somewhere close to hand where it’s quiet and restful.
  • Find yourself time in a nearby park, garden, or natural location, so the sounds you hear are gentler on the ear.
  • Play soft instrumental music for a while.
  • Have time out from talking or being talked to. Even 5 designated minutes of relief can be an oasis in a demanding day.
  • Walk briskly for 20-60 minutes to help balance your physical demands.
  • Create spaces in your home for peace where kids, intrusive music, TV, etc. are excluded.
  • Vary your tasks so that you keep shifting your physical position and give your mind adequate variety.

Of course, you may have other approaches that work best for you. By all means, select them if they’re better. The point is to deliberately make times and create or find places where peace takes priority. Nobody is too busy to prevent a 5-minute moment of peacefulness. But start small. In a while, you may find yourself discovering more time for peace on a daily basis. But let that happen as you progress, rather than setting impossible demands.

I know you appreciate peace in your life has obvious advantages. But let me mention 7 of the benefits, as a refresher. You will gain:

  1. More centered thinking.
  2. A greater openness to hearing what needs to be heard in your life.
  3. A personal calmness that others find attractive.
  4. A sense of perspective that helps you handle challenges .
  5. Better overall health.
  6. Increased resistance to illness.
  7. Improved sleep.

Thesy are fabulous outcomes, aren’t they? To my mind, the more moments of peace we can add to life’s mix, the likely we will feel at ease.

People talk about wanting world peace (at least, in the conflict sense) and that’s a noble thing. But how about starting personally by reducing our own agitation? Creating more personal calm to counter the effects of an uptight life seems an excellent place to start.

You may nod to all of these things. But doing them takes more than agreement.  Personal peace is like so many essentials that get sidestepped. Yet, it’s worth remembering that the urgent is seldom important and the important seldom urgent. Unless you choose to crib moments to find calm and quietude, you’re unlikely to find them otherwise. Which means, come bed, you’ll be feeling all the more tired, hassled, and frazzled.

So now, I urge you to try out this slight tweak to your life. It’s easy enough and, gradually, it will help you feel more serene. Prioritize some small moments of peace for you, every single day. Start now and create the habit. It won’t take long to learn that, really, you deserve it.

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