Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.

~ Confucius ~

Occupy Your Street Occupy Your Life

June 12th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 56 secs

I want to be myself but I'm too busy being everything others want me to be.

I want to be myself but I’m too busy being everything others want me to be.

If you occupy your life, let it show.

What do I mean by occupying your life? Well it’s easy to kind of hide, while it’s not quite as easy to be clearly seen. Though it comes naturally to those more outgoing, many of us are tentative about engaging the full space of our life.

Take a look down any familiar street and what do you see? Row after row, house after house: all of which is fairly non-descript. You can’t tell much about the people within because there’s not a lot to see that’s distinctive (as if anonymity is the preferred option).

It’s as if a great many people barely occupy their own street. Whether they lived or died, you could hardly tell because the facades remain the same (which is to say, they don’t reveal much of what’s within).

Same goes for the way people work, socialize, and occupy themselves with hobbies and interests. Unless we feel comfortable enough to let ourselves be seen, it’s unlikely that there’ll be much to notice. In a way, I believe that’s a shame.

Why? Because the innate differences in our identity add something to the life of everyone we mix with. To me, your real opinions and ideas have merit and ought to be shared. Just as your preferences deserve expression. In this way, we do more than exist. We occupy our life.

Do we have to be vastly different and actively aim to get people’s attention? No, not really. But I believe it is healthy to dare to be your self even when it doesn’t quite fit with what we think others like. We might be right. On the other hand, folk are often more accommodating then we think.

To occupy your life space with your own considered opinions, communication of character, and personal preferences is part of accepting yourself. It’s more than okay to have a differing opinion. It’s necessary.

So go ahead, plant your own garden the way you want it and dare to stand out from the rest of the street. Have courage to speak of what you believe, just as you dare to hear out what others do too. Live a life of distinction with respect and acceptance and occupy your life as the owner rather than someone tentatively renting your space.

Celebrate who you are by highlighting the good things you do and occupy your time doing whatever you believe in. Actively following your values not only makes you live more visibly (and with greater meaning), it also establishes one of the cornerstones of happiness: satisfaction.

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