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Not Another Kitten

April 27th, 2014 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 56 secs

New kitten on the block

New kitten on the block

Yes, another fluffy bundle. With our eldest son moving out and taking “his” cat Earwig with him, there was an obvious hole in the family household that only a third cat could fill.

Are we mad? Probably. Not one, or two, but three cats! So now we have a kitten.

And what do the other two think? Catastrophe of course! That new kitten is a killer (it must have eaten Earwig). Why can’t the humans work it out? This little creature is a threat to our way of life and can only be bad news.

Sound familiar? In some ways, we can exhibit similar behaviour too. A new person arrives at work upsetting the old order. That can lead to secret hand wringing and resentment, let alone outright hostility (though hopefully no hissing and scratching on the back of the couch).

Despite the terror of the new, our as yet unnamed little fellow is as cute as a button and apt to make you grin with his capering antics. But of course, we have to adapt and that isn’t always convenient.

Still, it’s important to count the good things that come too. For us, it’s lovely and, apart from much mewing and neediness in the night, this furry treasure is delightful to have around.

But if our cat Honeybeast could speak (she is mute by the way), she’d be lodging a formal complaint. While, Scallywag would surely be pleading for a kitten eviction.

Perspective is everything. Which is also true for me and you. Change the way we see things and suddenly our feelings shift considerably.

Sometimes it helps telling yourself a fresh account of why someone is the way they are (even if you’ve no idea whether it’s true or not).  That noisy neighbour? She suffers from a hearing loss. The rude guy ahead of you in the cue? Grew up in a lonely home without a mother’s love.

Now I know these are fictions. But helping you see situations differently disconnects us from petty thinking, which isn’t a bad thing.

Given time, Scallywag and Honeybeast will settle into the idea of having a kitten around. They will come to accept his presence and their fears will disappear as they take turns at the communal food bowl.

When change feels daunting, let it first seep in. You might need a while depending on what it is. But it’s helpful to suspend your trepidation until the dust settles and you can get it into perspective.

True, your new “kitten” might turn out to be a terror. Or, it might be something far better you first thought. Either way, a bit of headspace is just the thing to fully process what is happening.

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