Self-conquest is the greatest of victories.

~ Plato ~

No You Can’t – Yes You Can!

July 29th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 43 secs

Don’t listen to them. Yes you can.

Good news! Those people who told you couldn’t do better are wrong. You can!

I learnt long ago that the majority of people who tell you that you can’t do something better are talking through their hat. By handing out advice based on opinion and here say rather than fact, they cause a lot of angst and confusion. The truth is, if it’s humanly doable, and you want it badly enough, you can.

Now I know I will never be a ballet dancer (saying this usually amuses people, though I’m not quite sure why…). But had I wanted to be one badly enough as a child, then I’m certain it would have been possible. Regardless what limits people place, you can do all sorts of things and learn to do them well.

Often as not, the person telling you what you’ll never be able to do suffers from acute, limited vision. Or, they secretly don’t respect you. They don’t want to say you can do anything ambitious because it doesn’t suit them to. But you can do anything you set your mind to if you keep at it until you the get the results.

Those swindlers, who claim that we can call on the universe to do our bidding while we sit back on a sun lounge by the pool waiting for achievement to happen, have certainly reached their goal. Having exploited people’s vulnerabilities, they profit from the deception. It’s wrong, foolish, and sadly shallow. But there will always be a steady demand for reward without effort. So those who declare you can do and have everything you desire by simply doing nothing will forever keep peddling this silly lie and bleeding peoples’ purses.

Actually, it cranks me up to find people duped into waiting for life to give them a break. None of us can afford to let life slip through our fingers, hoping that something better will come along. Given, you can make things happen in all sorts of ways, every person is packed with potential. No matter what our handicaps and self-doubts, every one of us can decide to live more abundantly and make beautiful things happen.

Maybe it’s just the teacher in me, but I cannot abide people wasting their life by blaming circumstance, or believing they are not good enough to deserve better. With every fiber in me I want to proclaim this powerfully exultant message: yes you can. 




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