A heart that loves is always young.

~ Greek Proverb ~

Needing A Culture Of Kindness

January 4th, 2014 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 2 secs

Kids need kindness.

Kids need kindness.

If kindness is so vital why doesn’t it rule? Look around you. Do you see kindness and courtesy eliminating cruelty and rudeness? If you don’t then perhaps the question itself is flawed?

By its very nature, kindness doesn’t insist on dominating anything. You don’t see fists hammering tables insisting that kindness dominate proceedings in parliament or boardroom meetings. Nor, does kindheartedness demand to be heard in our personal relationships.

So, is kindness weak? Are the aggressive and dominating really right to wave away compassion as some soppy interpretation of life that lacks the guts to last?

What do you think? For me, I have no doubt in my mind that kindness is beyond the comprehension of the cruel or the inherently selfish. Being in the business of controlling others and ruling relationships by force, they find gentle regard makes no sense.

Thankfully, this kind of primitive thinking does not prevail in every heart. Nor do great thinkers and true leaders succumb to such mindless brutality. If they did, the only innovations we would make would be about slavery, warring, and brutality.

Instead, society thrives on a culture of kindness. The more you experience it, the more civilized and inviting that society is. So far from being “weak” or “out of touch”, we need the power of humane intervention to handle crisis, plan for better standards of living, contribute to more cohesive community, and create opportunities for people to bring out their best.

Oh, and there’s that “small” matter of raising families; bringing up happy, healthy, well adjusted kids. Life without kindness would be mean indeed.

So don’t let anyone fool you. The news headlines are not even remotely the whole story. Kindness is working behind the scenes, doing its best to address the awful tragedies and good will does have currency.

You and I have the ability to make our helpfulness and thoughtfulness count. Whether it is in our home, workplace, or wherever we happen to be. It won’t make the headlines. Nobody will hear about it on the news tonight. Maybe the recipients won’t even thank you for it. But it’s this strength for good that keeps us all together.

They say money makes the world go round. But I say, “kindness makes the world turn well”. Use what you have of it and pour it out into the lives of people around you. Because that is the biggest thing many of us will ever do. Whether it’s appreciated or not, it’s influence will ripple out far beyond the scope of our knowing.

In the grand scheme of life, how we succeed is not dependent on our dominance but our understanding. While some will never grasp that fact, the life-affirming properties of kindness will go on building people and giving us the best possible options the future can offer (and, boy, am I thankful for that).

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