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Need Help Shopping?

April 14th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 20 secs

Many men grapple with grocery shopping.

Many men grapple with grocery shopping.

Supermarket shopping for a family of hungry teens isn’t easy. And, since I hurt my shoulder moving furniture for a friend, it has become trickier still (But then, in the grand scheme of things that’s just a first world problem, isn’t it?).

Take today: I was out doing grocery shopping at the local supermarket and as I was decanting the bags into the back of the car boot (trunk), the steep slope we were on left me struggling. Teetering on a steep slope, the shopping trolley was sensing the excitement of freedom and seemed desperate to get away and careen down the hill.

Just then, a woman called out from a nearby car, “Hey, do you need some help?” I was about to say, “No, I’ll be fine”, which is what most Aussie men do clutching three sacks of wheat whilst running from an angry bull and trying to leap a barbed wire fence (that happens a lot in Tasmania). But then when it comes to shopping, most men are much weaker. So, I said, “Yeah, I think I do.”

So, next moment the lady was kindly holding my shopping trolley while I hurled everything every thing into the back of the car, thanking her profusely. I said, “Well this is a twist. A damsel rescuing a bloke in distress” at which she smiled and said, “No worries”. Then another woman who had been in the car with her shouted out, “What comes around goes around”.

That’s true. At least, it often is. But you don’t expect that when you go grocery shopping. Apart from being slightly surreal, it was also lovely receiving another kindness from a stranger. It’s humbling to be reminded that for all the hardness in our hearts we are all experts at graciousness… if we want to be.

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