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Natural Supplements For Weight Loss Don’t Work

May 29th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 3 mins, 13 secs

Come to think of it, why should natural supplements for weight loss work anyway?

Come to think of it, why should natural supplements for weight loss work anyway?

Natural supplements for weight loss get tremendous attention, don’t they? That’s not surprising, given a lot of people want to loss weight (and do it quickly and easily). So, there is a multi-faceted industry that turns over hundreds of billions of dollars to accommodate this need. I say, “accommodate” but really it should be “exploit” because it’s not about providing what it promises.

Consider this: the vast majority of people who embark on diets, substitute meals, consume so-called super foods, drink mysterious teas, and gag on ghastly pills fail to keep their weight off. A year on and those natural supplements for weight loss that promised so much are an embarrassing joke (and a costly one at that).

Just like the fitness industry, which frequently trades on the weight loss theme, the great majority of customers don’t fare much better. Accurate figures are hard to come by, but it appears there’s general agreement that between 80% and 95% of hopeful folk who embark on gym programs to bust their gut, fight their flab, or get rid of their gobbler, end up either quitting or simply don’t see the results they expected. Just like natural supplements for weight loss, within 2 years they are as heavy as they were when they started, or even heavier.

This makes the whole weight loss industry questionable at best. Though, it has to be said increasing your fitness is good for you regardless. But, if anything is promoted as a genuine weight loss treatment, then results should be predictable, reliable, and work for most customers. Yet they don’t. Even with all good intentions and the greatest sincerity, these systems disappoint the vast majority of genuine people, which, when you think about it, is unacceptable.

Now if the weight loss trade (particularly those promoting natural supplements for weight loss) were held to account like other industries they would probably disappear within weeks. To illustrate, think of lipstick. The brand you buy might guarantee to give your lips glossy red appeal that lasts for hours. But what if you buy and apply it, and then find that the gloss wears off within minutes? Do you feel a failure because the lipstick doesn’t deliver? Would you expect the lipstick salesperson, and everyone you know to blame you for somehow being “weak” or for having “weird” lips? Then, would you then blame yourself, saying, “If I was a better person my lips would never have let me down like this”? 

No, that’s ridiculous, isn’t it? So what makes those gorgeous-looking people on TV touting natural supplements for weight loss any different? If these products work then they should reliably keep your weight off for the rest of your life with no more effort than popping pills, munching some bark, or sucking on some shriveled up goji berries. But that trick never works.

How about comparing natural supplements for weight loss to other familiar items? You can rely on a good quality shampoo and conditioner to clean your hair and leave it feeling good. Just as you could expect pure soap to clean your hands with every use. But the promises of weight loss products are invariably couched in weasel words to dodge the truth. Terms like “could”, “should”, “popular”, “respected”, etc. prop up promises that XYZ Tea will rid your body of cellulite overnight. Likewise, acai berries and the like can be said to miraculously cure you of cancer and burn off the pounds, thanks to their miracle properties (known only to the Incas for a gazillion years). It is such hogwash that it’s laughable. Only, real people succumb to it, hoping against hope that these claims might be real. Putting down real money we inevitably find ourselves quietly embarrassed as the whole process inevitably amounts to nothing.

Trading on our insecurities, the charade of using natural supplements for weight loss merely compounds our guilt, failure, and diminished self-esteem. So it’s little wonder people feel too ashamed to do much about the situation.

Still, someday there probably will be a way to reduce weight easily. Maybe there really will be natural supplements for weight loss that actually work. But for now, and until real scientists with hard data can prove it, I’d be holding tight to my purse and having a laugh about each and every miracle weight loss offer.  They’re a scam, a sham, and a pity. But media hucksters and the slickest of shysters are out to ensnare us, such that if we let ourselves bite, they surely will.

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