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Motivation Versus Will

July 17th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 23 secs

Which is better: motivation or will?

Which is better: motivation or will?

It’s a ding-dong knock out between will in one end and motivation in the other.

Those aggro hulk like women and men who yell abuse at you to get your whatever together and join their muscle up boot camp courses push the will button so hard, it nearly jams up.

While the carrot-dangling-on-the-end-of-the-stick at the sauna swim hot rock resort try reeling us in with massages, Tai Chi and seaweed wraps.

Will typically shoves you in, whereas motivation tickles you with lingering suggestions (Like maybe it’s time for a holiday?).

But they don’t have to be opposed. When will is balanced with thinking rather than brutalizing or threatening (Are you listening, Ms. I-eat-puny-people-for- breakfast Bruiser and you’re your type?), torture is not required. We can apply self-discipline with firm kindness and determination if we like.

Which is nowhere near as remote from motivation. In fact, the two make great friends. Knowing you have something exciting in mind you can apply your own will to make it happen (as firmly or gently as you wish).

A good many people lack the self-discipline necessary to get what they want accomplished. Just as there are those who work tirelessly in a dreary sea of misery because they lack desire.

What would life be like if we used both? Got a lot to do? Consider how our motivation and self-discipline could work in harmony to complete it.

Feeling at sea about the complexity of your life? Decide what really inspires you and make that your imperative. Apply will to achieve it and celebrate the power you have to bring good things to life.

A life without motivation and will in harmony is inevitably unhappy because both work in tandem to let us see and achieve. To feel liberated by your efforts, nothing short of desire and discipline combined will do it (So, here’s to a potent partnership!).

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