God will prepare everything for our perfect happiness in heaven, and if it takes my dog being there, I believe he'll be there.

~ Billy Graham ~

More To Happiness Than That

April 10th, 2014 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 0 secs

Is happiness on the other side of the hill?

Is happiness on the other side of the hill?

Happiness isn’t natural. There. I said it. You can think of a thousand ways for joy to well up of its own accord. Yet to have it in abundance, happiness requires more.

What am I talking about? Surely happiness comes from clean living? And what faith? Isn’t that enough? How about a fat bank balance? Won’t that cover any lack?

When life becomes tough (and it most surely will without us needing to do over much), you can be assured that all the natural happiness we love won’t come dancing through the door, legs kicking wildly like a chorus line.

Instead, when the going gets tough joy like that seems to make a head first leap for the first exit. I wish it wasn’t that way (boy, do I). But the land of Should Be has no passport and, to my knowledge, nobody ever goes there.

To have happiness in your life takes a different way of thinking in the first place. Rather than waiting for the sun, sea, and stars to all line up in perfect alignment while Pluto is in the house of Mars doing the planetary twirl, we’ve got to understand that lasting happiness is something you create.

“How on earth can you do that?” you might ask. It certainly doesn’t come from teeth clenching willpower or glib smiles on the outside hiding fears within.

Happiness is about having a sense of your self, how you can contribute to this crazy world that you happen to inhabit, and an appreciation for things as they are and could be.

That’s not to say you delight in the ranting rage of your steaming boss when he gets into one of his states. But you might happen to appreciate the glimpse of beauty you caught out the window behind him. Or, how comfortable your chair is, that this aggravating tirade will pass, or a multitude of other things only you seem to see.

This might appear ephemeral. After all, who cares what we think? And what does it matter if we are happy or not? I’d put it this way: better to live life with an overall sense of inner delight than live in misery. Because not only do you feel better but the quality of your efforts improve too.

Naturally nobody is constantly happy in a joyful way. Yet, how good is it to turn more of your waking moments into something pleasing than to live in existence mode, feeling anxious, frustrated, or simply disillusioned?

There are ways to live a life of happiness.  And I believe if you are willing to live with kindness and dignity then you definitely deserve to enjoy it. But remember that your joy comes from personal purpose and a deeper recognition of all the good you can do.

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