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More Chores

December 15th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 11 secs

There is always more work to do, isn't there?

There is always more work to do, isn’t there?

Work, work, work! It never stops. You’ve got more to do than you know how to. Yet, the more you do, it seems the more there is to be done.

One thing leads to another and pretty soon, you get inundated with chores. At times the demands feel overwhelming. Then, suddenly, there’s a break and you forget how frenetically busy you really were as you pause and take time to celebrate.

This busy-ness is  a phenomena of modern life. Or is it? Back a hundred and twenty years ago there were no phones to answer, electricity, or other “mod cons”. There was no shunting kids to school in Mum’s taxi because there were no cars and a lot of children didn’t go to school. Life back then truly was a much simpler affair.

Yet people were still busy. How? Well, instead of tasks done in increments of minutes, people did chores that stretched right across the entire day.

There was wood to cut or coal to collect. Fires needed continual tending.  Lamps needed to be maintained. Candles replenished. Floors swept and swabbed. Food had to be obtained and, being in its raw state, extra layers of preparation were necessary to turn it into tasty meals.

You can see how this constant need to keep everything going was a different kind of busy-ness. Not rapid paced, but physically demanding and ongoing, such that people back then also fell asleep at the supper table and got up early to start all over again, day in, week in, for their entire life.

We can complain about being busy, just like they probably did way back when. But really, being engaged in plenty of activity is a sign of life. Working is about being productive and achieving. While it can be grueling, exhausting, and even overwhelming, having lots to do is the language of humanity. We do things because that’s our specialty.

So, we are left with choices. Do we begrudge our capacity and productivity? Or, do we find purpose in our capability and choose to celebrate getting stuff done?

Washing needs hanging. Clothes need ironing. Kitchens need tidying. Bathrooms need wiping down, and floors need vacuuming and sweeping. Why? Because we enjoy pleasant surroundings, order, and feeling clean and these tasks make it happen.

You do your paid work too. Often, it seems nobody appreciates your efforts. Yet, you do get paid for coming, contributing, and going all out to get tasks done. It’s part of the arrangement and as a bonus, if you are employed, you are part of something bigger than yourself.

The myriad of things that occupy you, work, social life, chores, preparations, and recreations…. express of your productivity and as such demonstrate  something about you. So when you are busy, working hard, and doing everything you can, remember this. You are making a mark and every task you tend to reflects your care, your touch, and eye for detail. Through the language of doing, you are making a statement, and it’s one of the greatest declarations you are ever going to make.

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