A compliment is something like a kiss through a veil.

~ Victor Hugo ~


May 7th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 57 secs

Maybe you will have good fortune.

Maybe you will have good fortune.

Maybe, if you do this right, it’s all going to be okay. Maybe.

Life is a fickle thing. Full of so many predictables, it’s incredible how many of them rely of probabilities. “Maybe” is a big factor in day-to-day living.

Perhaps you will meet the right partner for you, live out a wonderful life together, and do most of the things you dreamt of doing. Maybe. Then again, you might have gone through a decidedly messy relationship break up or two and feel like nothing in your life is going to turn out right. So far, you’ve seen little to reveal otherwise. So who knows?

The point is there are so many variables in life, “maybe” is a key theme in everything. You cannot say for sure what you will be doing tomorrow let alone next year (though I’m sure you’ve got a pretty good idea). Not only is the future full of maybes, the past and present are riddled with them too. Do we really know how a dramatic family event went? Or, was there more to it than met the eye at the time? Sometimes, we only find out years later that what we thought was true was only half the story.

Maybe things will get better from here. Then again, there’s the potential they won’t. This is a valid uncertainty to even the most predictable expectations. But there is more to life than volatility and, thankfully, we have a big say in it.

People pay lip service to the notion that you can be the captain of your own destiny (that, with planning and effort, you can steer towards worthy goals and head in a worthwhile direction). But what we tend to do is leave a great deal to circumstance, and that feeds uncertainty.

Does that mean we need to be locked down with strict schedules and agendas to minimize our doubts? I don’t believe so. Having a certain degree of uncertainty is actually healthy. Maybe, with the right blend of potentials, some general planning creates the right mix of excitement and surprise. That’s fun.

And, maybe, if we decide what we want to contribute in life rather than hope life will be kind to us, we can live a more satisfying existence. Perhaps, circumstances on only part of the story. After all, we have the ability to do a great deal of good with our words, hands, and deeds.

Whether we live with faith or not, this much we can prove: what we choose to do has impact. We can either make life something beautiful or, hope for the best and maybe take a spectator’s view. Today, this week, and the time ahead is ours to shape. Life beckons.

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