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~ Jean Paul Richter (1763 - 1825) ~

Loving Hands

September 25th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 25 secs

Hands are revealing.

Hands are revealing.

Do you ever stare at hands? I confess that I find people’s hands fascinating. The way they look, move, and are held in space, hands tell you a lot.

Unless you are a hand observer already, you might find that slightly strange. But when you think about it, hands are wonderfully expressive. Given they willingly do each person’s bidding hands serve us well. Notwithstanding arthritis and the like, they are kept busy from the time we awake right through we revisit our pillow and fall fast asleep.

When I talk with people, invariably I end up looking at their hands and try to comprehend their story. Rough, careworn hands.  Smooth supple hands, and restless, fidgeting hands tell you more than folk might care to admit. Which is why they are so fascinating.

Sure, looking into someone’s face will say the most. Look into  another person’s eyes and the intensity can sometimes even be too much.  Whereas, hands reveal the efforts of our labors more gently, making their tale a somewhat different experience.

If you aren’t especially aware of how people move their hands, I encourage you to focus in. Get a feel for their expressiveness and sense how comfortable someone is by the way they place their hands in relation to the rest of their body.

Some people feel very self-conscious about their hands and don’t like others staring at them, as if they fear criticism of their appearance. Yet, it’s in action that hands reveal their best. Time and again, I  find the loveliest hands are those that provide reassurance with a loving touch, patting someone gently on the back, shaking hands warmly, or offering an accepting cuddle. These are the most beautiful hands I’ve seen.

So whether you like yours or not, appreciate the honesty of your paws as you discern what the hands of others  can tell you. Because, unlike the work of gilded tongues, hands always seek to reveal the truth.

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