To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom.

~ Bertrand Russell ~

Love, That’s a Moray

February 1st, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 41 secs

There's more to discover and love beneath the surface.

Our eldest son is like me in every way. Except that he loves hunting, shooting and fishing and I don’t. He’s incredibly gregarious, and I’m not. He is assertive and demanding, whilst I am more easygoing… Actually, I’m beginning to wonder whether he really is my son. Which is why I’ve taken to staring at the milkman…

Okay, let’s just say he is himself. It comes as no surprise that our intrepid outdoor boy knows a thing or two about what’s out the front door too. Here in Tasmania, that could include marsupials, and monotremes, plus parrots, lizards and snakes. While in the water it could be sharks, poisonous jellyfish, molluscs, and a host of spiny, spiky-finned creatures just waiting for you to don your goggles and decide to drop in on them.

With wetsuit on and a spear in hand our eldest finds all sorts of things off the rocks close to our place. In this nearby sea garden he loves to snorkel over shellfish encrusted rocks, covered with sponges, anemones and thick forests of bull kelp. Whatever and wherever, he is always in search of all things interesting. If it’s big, unusual, or dangerous, our adventurous eldest feels most at home. He just loves it.

After an hour or two he’ll come back triumphant with a bucket of something incredible that’s edible; proudly displaying it before cutting it up and gutting it.

Which means when something washes up on the beach close to home, he already knows what it is.

What’s that?” Ruth will ask.

That’s a smooth stingray. It washed up yesterday.”

Or, “Careful! Is that a sea snake?”

No Mum. That’s a moray eel. See its fins and teeth?”

So it happens I am everything my son is not, and he is of course the same. But I admire him for his qualities and marvel at his abilities. Because, whether we are different or alike, he is, above all things, himself. Which, when it comes to the job of parenting, is definitely something worth encouraging. Through times of love and trouble, amidst all the persistence and struggle, helping our kids find themselves is the ultimate parental prize. So don’t despair over difference. Be thankful. Whether you know your snake from your eel, simply celebrate your kid’s uniqueness with interest. After all, that’s amore





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