Short is the joy that guilty pleasure brings.

~ Euripides (484 BC - 406 BC) ~

Love Finds A Way

December 20th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 8 secs

Love at work.

It might not work like a GPS, but love certainly helps prevent us getting lost. When you know you are loved, it’s always easier to find a way.

If you are, or have ever been, in love and loved, then you will know what I mean. Love satisfies. Maybe it’s the sense of acceptance that wraps around you. Or, perhaps the pleasure of affection that fills the senses. But, I expect it’s a good deal of both. Because being in a loving relationship makes life feel “right”.

When you are down and feeling incapable of pulling yourself back up by your bootstraps, someone who loves you can lift you up. It could be a parent, a lover, a sister, or brother. Actually, it doesn’t matter who it is, so long as they love you enough to be there for you.

With so much talk in education revolving around resilience, there’s nowhere near enough talk about love. Indeed, it’s almost a four-letter word in professional realms because it makes experts a little embarrassed and uncomfortable. How can you talk about love when you can’t precisely define it.

Psychometrics aside, we all seem to know what it means, which is the important thing. Then, maybe one day, they’ll catch up too. With enough love expressed in nurture, tenderness, and care, even the frail and feeble can thrive. And, I kind of like that.

When bad things happen in life, it’s all too easy to be brought down low, and feel somehow that you ought to be. When that happens, it’s love that helps people find a way back up.

We cannot completely stop bad things from happening. But we can live in ways that bring healing, dignity, and courage to bring comfort to life; whatever happens. I believe that completely. But what really tallies is how much you believe it. Love and beautiful qualities work best when spread amongst many. A little bit shared by all of us goes a lot further than the sublimely loving labor of one or two heroes.

So, if life sometimes leaves you feeling powerless, and you have the rough end of yet another day, remember love. If you don’t sense any in your life, go give of yourself to someone with even less and, suddenly, there it will be.

What you do and say is all that people know about you. So, if you love and show beautiful strengths in the way you live, you’ll be living a big life. An experience infinitely richer compared to someone stuck in greed, selfishness, and empty pursuits.

That is one of the magnificent things about you: you can love and create something beautiful out of nothing, except kind will. Despite everything you feel you lack and everything that bothers you have this God-given quality. I’m glad you do. And, I’m glad that you’re making use of it too. Let’s all create something better where we are and, together, bring some more joy to this yearning world.


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