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Love And The Professional

January 26th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 9 secs

What do academic professionals think about love?

How come professionals find love such an awkward concept? A lot of scientists, for example, prefer to classify love as a matter of biology. The idea love is anything other than a matter of genes and procreation gets a seriously dim view. But why?

Science and logic are wonderful tools for a host of reasons. But they are plain clunky when it comes to enjoying a fulfilling love life. Professionals who dismiss the value of love because it doesn’t fit the science model, the intellectual realm, or some other expert paradigm are missing out on the greatest aspects of life.

High-level thinking enriches us across a broad range of fields. But it is but one versatile tool amongst a toolkit of approaches. Art can’t be understood nor touch us as deeply if we critique it to death. Sometimes, you just have to respect the value of your feelings and sensitivity to appreciate the good things in life. Like love.

I have met too many serious-headed people who tut-tut about love. Philosophers, too, will wriggle from cheek to cheek over its awkwardly illogical nature. While, well-trained psychologists will accept it but only if it’s couched in approved constructs.

The trouble with their training is that it refuses to accept the validity of what cannot be defined. That makes love a nonsense that’s frivolous and even dangerous. Either that or it’s reduced to the measurable as merely a chemically induced reaction resulting in a range of predictable behaviors.

Well I guess that makes me a failed professional. Because I regard love as the peak of everything we can ever do. If love is nonsense, then I choose to be a lunatic. If it is dangerous, then I’ll take the risk. Or, if love is just chemicals reacting, then poetry must only be a whole lot of dry ink arranged across pages.

These are dangerous days because, together, people have more power than ever. That’s great in one way, terrible in another. With the might of technology ascending, it’s easy to believe it alone is the truth. Against its prevailing impact, love looks a little ridiculous.

Unless we stand up for love and all that is beautiful in our life, logic will insist on dismissing it. Yet, we are so much more than logical beings. And that’s not bad it’s brilliant!

Somehow, we need to find a way with logic that doesn’t trivialize love. Why? Because our greatest moments in life are those love touches and, without it, our life would be laid low (much as a life lacking beauty is misery).

No matter how clever you are love has relevance. Cutting through so much ego and pompous self-importance, love comes with risk. But it also comes with passion and an understanding that professionalism alone is not enough.

Serious professionals will be disgusted by me saying that, without love our best achievements fall short. But, as disgracefully emotive, irrational, and pseudo-scientific as it sounds, it’s love that makes life wonderful and nothing can take its place.


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