It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.

~ Sir Edmund Hillary ~

Lost And Found

September 11th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 51 secs

Ever feel that lost feeling?

Today, many people are lost because they don’t belong. I’m not talking spiritually but contextually. It’s common for people to have all the benefits of modern life, yet have no idea who their great grandparents were.  In fact, I’d be surprised if most people know their grandmother’s maiden name.

To me, not knowing who our ancestors were is a tragedy. It speaks of a loss that barely gets a mention in our modern age. “So I don’t know who my great grandmother was? Who cares?” Yet that ignorance and indifference shows just how lost we are.

To know at least a little about who these people were is to put your self in some kind of perspective. You look the way you do thanks in no small part to your family. Even the way you move, speak, and potentially think are influenced by your ancestors. So, it makes sense to peel a bit of indifference back and discover who these people were who have so powerfully shaped you.

For some it won’t be hard to find out. But for others, it will be immensely challenging. Still, it’s worth the effort to explore your heritage and comprehend who you are in the grander scheme of everything.

Perhaps you look precisely like your ancestor a few generations back?  Maybe they mirrored you in so many behaviors? To know that your identity fits into history is not only exciting, it’s telling. Yet, the way so many of us live now, we believe we’ve barely any history. Bereft of deep familial connection, we live only in the mindset of our life. That’s why we don’t even know that we’re lost.

Just a few generations from you, there are stories that would intrigue you. Tales of courage and fell deeds that could make a good movie. They are all yours, of course; a potential collection that you can do with what you will. But when you know them, and the people that made them real, you’re no longer lost. You know your position in history and how you can now lead the way.

Perhaps, you’re ahead of me, having already mapped out everything there is to know about your family history over generations. If so, well done, because it’s a wonderful gift to give to your descendants (in time, they’ll be grateful for your efforts).

But if you don’t know, I highly recommend finding out more about your background. Because, when you do, every snippet and tidbit you glean will help safeguard you from today’s ad-a-minute alienation. To know where you fit helps protect you from getting lost.


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