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Life Has Its Highs And Lows

December 14th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 45 secs

Life in our hands.

Life in our hands.

Life. You might not always like it, but it’s still a gift.

When it’s bad, life is like a tatty, mud smeared package, that has been sat on, broken, and shoved into a corner. This mess that you hold in your hands looks like anything but precious. But don’t be mistaken. It still is a gift.

My Germanic background makes me draw links to “gift” and “poison”  (one of those unfortunate word clashes that happen with different languages). Yet, in this case, they draw shared threads.

When life is unspeakably hard and you feel you simply cannot cope, just being feels poisonous. Each lungful hurts and the ache of pain is everywhere.

Yet this mangled, scrunched up gift has possibilities. Beyond our pain, confusion, and trauma, we have within us the extraordinary capacity to smooth it out.

You can still bring kindness to someone else, even at your last breath. Such is our ability if we have the vision to see ourselves as bearers of healing.

Highs, meanwhile are easy. Who doesn’t like celebrating life’s triumphs? People live for these times, dining out on them for years to come as treasured memories. Your kid’s graduation, that new job you got, new home, car, travel… whatever! They are glad times and it’s fun to enjoy each and every one.

For these presents come beautifully decorated, festooned with curly ribbon, sparkle and spectacle. You can love these moments and keep them close. But they are, inevitably, all too brief, and the flow of life has a way of pulling us back out the street into normality.

Life is made up of highs and lows. That’s what real living is about. At times there is more of one without the other (But you can expect that, can’t you?).

I believe that far from fleeing from our pain we should approach it. Or, at the very least, square off and stand and stare it out.  Doing so lets our fears disappear and we learn how “existence” can be given worth.

Our joyous celebrations deserve to be threaded together. Not simply as a strand of delights. But together with all the hard times, revealing the rewards that effort, struggle, and endurance bring.

Life is a “one with the lot” experience, whether we like it or not. Though we might like to, we can hold nothing back. It comes with everything and when we grasp that, we can appreciate what we’ve got.

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