If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.

~ Thomas A Edison ~

Life Finds A Way

January 5th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 58 secs

Life finds a way and so can we.

Bushfires are part of life in Australia. Right now, the air is thick with the smoke of several big fires still burning, not far from Hobart. A few are out of control, still threatening property and people.

With fires burning down to the waterline and a few towns reduced to ashes, you might think people would want to give up and go away. But life finds a way.

My brother who lives in Papua New Guinea has survived what most people would regard as horrific experiences. Living in one of the most risky places on Earth, he resides inside a razor wire fenced compound, complete with armed guards and surveillance. Shopping is a pull up in front of the store, go directly in and out, then drive another 100ft to the next shop experience (anything less is too dangerous). He even laughs about the time he was struck on the head by an attacker with a machete. Despite its risks, life goes on.

Wherever you are there are hazards, seen or unseen. Tragedy stalks even the most robust and seemingly invincible life. Because that’s what real life is like.

We prefer to pretend that we’ll live as we are (or better) forever. But that’s wishful thinking and, down deep, we know it.

Most people will experience significant disability at least sometime in their life. Yet, no sooner do we overcome these issues that we brush them away.  Or, failing that, we prefer to at least look at what can be done. In spite of all the obstacles, life finds a way.

My father, despite having only one leg, got on with life as if nothing was missing. His determination to get on with things meant I never thought of him as disabled. And, in a sense, he never was.

They say “s… happens” but, really, it’s all part of real life: good and bad. It can be awful, distressing, and tragic. But it’s still a big slice of human experience. Rather than fleeing from the painful bits we can also choose to stand and face them, with all the fortitude we can muster. Even the hard times belong to us too.

Though life is as it comes, we can fashion our part with who we are. Like water finding its course, the impact of our words, deeds, and decisions, shape its flow. With your influence, life can run a gentler path or rage like a torrent to cleanse the mess. The instant you see that capacity in you is the moment you get to choose how you will use your life. To use it for all that you believe in and are dear to, or else to let it flow wherever it will. Life finds a way.

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