There is a place that you are to fill that no one else can fill - something you are to do that no one else can do.

~ Plato (428/427 BC ~

Kiss More Frogs

November 16th, 2012 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 7 secs

Why would anyone kiss frogs?

We’ve got learn to kiss more frogs. Yes, that’s right: frogs. Only not the froggy critters, so much as the people who seem less than blessed.

Kiss a frog and what happens? Well, fairy tales tell us they turn into handsome princes (kind of like Shrek). But you and I know that if it looks like a frog, croaks like a frog, and catches flies like a frog, then one kiss will never be enough.

This is where the Shrek films convey the message well by reminding us that there’s more to life than what we see. True, a kiss on its own won’t do it. But what about a hundred, or even a thousand kisses on a wee froggy’s cheek? What would happen then.

If they are an amphibian: not a lot. Apart from the real risk of dissing the frog, there’s also the possibility of sharing a nasty cross-species infection. But if you kiss frogs that are really people, then the potential to do something beautiful has genuine potential.

Let me explain. If kissing was code for acts of affection and kindness, and frogs were folk who weren’t particularly appealing, then you’d be showing love to the unlovely. That happens so rarely the people who do it stand out. Yet it is exactly what our world needs.

It’s easy to kiss the lovely. Simple, adoring a handsome prince. But to be gracious to the poor and the dispossessed: that’s takes a different way of thinking. Same goes for loving that grumpy one in your family. People can easily see they don’t deserve it. So why bother? Because, it’s not just about them but us.

When we love others and show graciousness to them for nothing in particular, we create something wonderful out of thin air. What we do can turn into something beautiful. And when we do that, it rubs off onto us.

Who would have believed that caring for the confused, the troubled, and the less than lovely was a way to enhance your life? Surely choosing to kiss frogs is for people with nothing to do, or to work off their excess levels of  “goody-two-shoes” exuberance? Why would I ever bother doing that?

Why indeed? Well, the process of giving kindness is a transforming thing for everyone. Givers grow and gather more beauty, just as receivers enjoy the kindness they receive.

Each of us knows what our measure of empathy is, and it’s at that level we can express it. There’s no use trying to be what you are not. So why hide the compassion you keep inside? Kiss more frogs and, in little ways, you’ll make life change in surprising ways. By daring to do more with the feelings you hide you will be sharing the beauty within you. And we need every bit of it. With so many frogs to kiss, every bit of pucker power counts.

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