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~ Jean Paul Richter (1763 - 1825) ~

Keep Learning Or Die

March 7th, 2014 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 26 secs

When it comes to learning the sky is the limit.

When it comes to learning the sky is the limit.

There’s more to learning than we ever found out about at school. There, the basics of reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic were meant to spell out precisely what was necessary to get on with life. If only it were that simple.

It turns out that was an incredibly simplistic approach. So much so that merely focusing on these three elements would literally hold you back.

Instead, you have a vastly more capable brain and a mind that requires discovery like your stomach desires breakfast. To illustrate, try not to learn a thing. Go ahead. From this point until bed, avoid learning anything.

What you will discover is just how unnatural this is. If you count the subtleties of hearing fresh sounds, having new thoughts and experiences, simply being conscious craves it.

Yet, learning has layers, does it not? From becoming mindful of a new encounter through to the rigors of formal education, there are levels to the process.

For a great many though, even contemplating more formal education is a definite negative. While others savor the possibility of more scholarly opportunities.

Today, thanks to the Internet, it’s possible to participate in a little, a lot, or no formal education at all and still be an active learner. Think of a topic that interests you and you’re off!

If you are prepared to explore the ideas and experience of others you will find yourself delving into the territory of new ideas without even trying.

But there’s nothing for nothing. The deeper you enquire the more you learn. The more you concentrate on particular concepts the greater you opportunity to make sense of them.

Too many people express fear about education. They fret about its potential to be just like their schooldays (which didn’t go particularly well). Thankfully, like pizza, learning is now available with so many options, there’s something there for everyone.

You can take courses if you prefer or, alternatively, find people who know what you want to find out. Associating with people already engaged in the field that appeals is a great way to inspire and help you find more than you ever knew what to enquire about.

Of course, reading, meeting, practicing, and researching the Web are all excellent ways to increase your abilities. Best of all, it’s easier than you think.

Regrettably, a great many people have decided to tune out on finding about anything much. They live from day to day, not asking anything, simply trying to repeat what they did yesterday.

Back in the 1700’s, the celebrated American thinker, Benjamin Franklin, observed this same phenomenon, realizing that you can be physically alive but “dead” from the neck up. Those who obstinately refuse to allow new ideas to be part of their daily diet starve themselves into a dreary existence where living is minimal and discoveries are puny and bland.

Given we naturally thirst for new things, creating such boredom takes strange effort (like the Mujahedeen of Afghanistan who decry music, originality, and innovation, preferring to swap life’s dynamism for a tightly controlled existence of misery).

There is no age limit signifying learning is no longer required either. Being alive implies learning is a priority, providing you with ideas, new opportunities, and finds to inspire.

So keep on learning! Make it a high priority and go out of your way to find fresh themes, delve into all your unknowns, and search with fresh questions. Because the more you know, the more choices you can enjoy and explore.

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