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Keep Going

September 27th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 35 secs

Sleep if you must, but keep at it.

Sleep if you must, but keep at it.

Every now and then there are times when things can feel overwhelming. When it’s easy to say, “It’s all too much and I‘ve had it.” Yet, when those times come is precisely when you need to keep going.

There are countless tales of people breaking through difficulty because they stuck it out. It is a fundamental strength of achievers in every field of human endeavor (including what we experience in day to day living).

Why should you keep going when times get tough? Partly because nobody wants to fall in a complete heap (though actually there are times for that), and also because practicing endurance makes you stronger.

Parents will know how much of an endurance test raising babies is. Not only do you receive your newborn without instructions, they then put you through long term sleep deprivation (just to make sure you really love them). Which you do, so you find a way through.

Gradually, over the long haul, you learn to keep your eyes open without matchsticks (if only just). Despite the effects of sheer exhaustion, somehow you manage (if only because you have to).

Perseverance is an incredible thing. We can talk about it, but applying it? Well that’s the part that takes formidable effort.

The good news about endurance is that the pain you go through isn’t continuous. Mood states fluctuate. So what was hard before can break through to better (if we only keep going).

Some people believe talent is everything. But I’ve noticed that it’s really the power of persistence that packs the biggest punch. Over time, those who can consistently keep going with their studies, work, and other efforts not only make it,  but usually do well.

So next time you are feeling life is all too hard, persist. Dig down deep and find that inner reserve of determination within. Then grit your teeth, apply yourself, and keep going!

Nothing can stop a decided mind (not even weariness or pain can prevail against it). Not only is that encouraging, it also highlights the enormous power you have to accomplish when difficulty confronts.  When you know what you are doing is worthy and vital, see it through.

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