We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.

~ Dalai Lama ~

Just Persist

November 25th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 2 mins, 1 sec

Stickability pays off.

Stickability pays off.

Which do you want first: the good news or the bad news? Okay, I knew you’d say “bad”. So I’ll tell you. More often than not, you won’t get what you want. But now, the good news. If you persist you will have more than you imagine.

How can I make that claim? Well, it’s like this. Persistence has a way of overcoming inertia, causing the circumstances for many of our ambitions to convert into reality.

Now, you and I know that won’t always happen. Plus, if you imagination is very big you might anticipate a lot. But here’s the wildcard. Persistence has its own rewards.

In other words, the power of “keeping on keeping on” builds resilience and fortitude. You might never expect or desire it, but the payoff of persisting adds character.

This explains why you feel thrilled when you scrimp and save to take a vacation, rather than just be “ho hum” because it was too easy to spring for yet another lavish trip in the sun.

Maybe, it will take persistence to get that job you need (it often does). While, it’s easy to give up in discouragement, the willingness to do what it takes will not only be an endurance test but also a way of measuring your strength.

Same goes for dealing with difficult people or finding solutions to problems that remain elusive. You’ve just got to keep at it to see the value of your application.

Persistence is one of our greatest strengths. When you decide that you are going to accomplish something, this mighty force is the muscle that paves the way.

At least, it will if we agree to modify the way we tackle situations. Going to hundreds of job interviews dressed in fluoro pajamas and wearing a propeller cap might create a world record for dedication. But it probably won’t get a regular job, unless we are looking for work in comedy.

That’s because persistence also needs intelligence. Somebody might want to travel the world on his or her lips. But it might be a lot smarter to do it by foot.

Adapting to situations and learning from our errors is really part of the process.

So, think this through and consider, what are the things you sincerely believe you must do? Write them down and devise an action plan that fits you. Then, begin and keep going in the direction that you know you must go. I might be making it seem simplistic. Yet, in a way persistence is.

You’ve just got to keep going and, as you do, stay true to your decision-making. If your reason to achieve is big enough, you will be able to persist.

Because, one day, the odds are that your obstacles will give way and you will see your achievements. Just be sure your vision deserves the effort.

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