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It’s Not How Strong You Are…

December 9th, 2013 ~ Est. reading time: 1 min, 37 secs

Thankfully, you don't have to be a lion to be strong.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a lion to be strong.

Maybe it’s not a question of “How strong?” we are in life but “Which strength do we manifest?”

If the most successful formula was Rambo like muscle and the hauling strength of an elephant, why is it that most of us lean toward being weedy? Perhaps this particular type of strength isn’t quite what is required to handle life well. In which case, what is?

I like to think there are many strengths and we all possess at least a few. The strength of the muscle bound is an obvious one. But what about the persevering strength of a tireless mother? Or, the faithful parent who keeps on believing in their oft times wayward children? Aren’t these abilities powerful too?

Pushing past your tiredness at times because you are dedicated to a cause or have needs that have to be met takes inner resources; a kind of might that even a 90 pound “weakling” could display with formidable resilience.

For as always, life is less about what we lack and more about what we use.

Think for a while and you’ll probably come up with plenty of different strengths evidenced in all sorts of realms. The gentle poet expresses power through their pen, turning each word into a mind explosion of possibilities.

The French writer, Marcel Proust, was a man beset with ill health, reaching only the modest age of 51. Yet his powerful observations and thinking reach through time with potency that still etches into our ideas.

Painters, poets, people of science, and social service. Across the entire spectrum of society strengths are evidenced that show the incredible diversity in the concept of strong.

So consider your strengths and keep nurturing them as you go. If you like, find some new ones too, and build them up as well. For we have the potential to enhance what appeals to us, by practicing, learning, and refining.

What you are strong at now need not be the only things you will be adept at in years to come. If you choose well you will be able to enjoy the energy that comes from building your developing strengths, and who knows where they will take you. Even if it does mean building up your muscles!

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